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  1. Umbee fan

    Hello! New to American Cichlids

    Seems im the only Umbee breeder ?
  2. Interested in selling one off my young male umbriferurm, he's about 6 " personally breed from one off my pairs, serious offers only. Pm if interested. Shipping available for right price. Also have a few smaller ones from different bloodline if looking at pairing him up. Cheers. Oh and hundreds off fry for anyone else interested.
  3. Umbee fan

    Alasse's Tanks

    Been there done that, build up underneath, nightmare pulling out every time to clean properly
  4. Umbee fan

    What Are You Driving?

    2010 ford g6e turbo - 50th anniversary,19inch wheels,sat Nav,full leather,stock premium sound system and all kept fully standard.
  5. Umbee fan

    how to make food for your fish fry

    Who woulda thought 🤔
  6. This should be a reality Tv program, I'd watch it lol
  7. Umbee fan

    Selleys 3 in 1 Silicone

    I have Used it on a grow out tub, worked good and no problems with fish
  8. Umbee fan

    Thoughts on female ?

    Thanks [MENTION=15486]johnbetta[/MENTION], I'm really happy to have her.
  9. Umbee fan

    Thoughts on female ?

    Pics would be fantastic if possible?
  10. Umbee fan

    Thoughts on female ?

    Thats great, just the input I was after thanks,it came from a good source and I was not doubting the labeled name was wrong or mis leading, I was more just curious as too other thoughts or expertise on this variety, as it's the first Iv seen anything like it that's all. I think there fry will be fantastic I'm sure.
  11. Umbee fan

    Thoughts on female ?

    Haha, let's just say you have too keep a stern eye on them at all times.
  12. Umbee fan

    Thoughts on female ?

    wow, unreal colours.
  13. Umbee fan

    Thoughts on female ?

    Of course mate I learn more everyday? As I'm sure every fish keeper does , just simply implying that I dont need and was not asking for any advice as too breeding these flowerhorns, I just wanted peoples thoughts on This female flowerhorn as the discription state's, "thoughts on female" mainly being as I bought this flowerhorn labeled as a golden monkey and wanted people's knowledge of this variety if they could help with correct or close I.D. As I don't know it all when it comes to flowerhorns like some do.
  14. Umbee fan

    Thoughts on female ?

    Haha, thanks but Iv breed many of Flowerhorns before with and with out the divider method, these are definitely not the first and won't be the last, I also keep 2 breeding pairs of Umbriferum, I think I know all there is too know about breeding "Agro" or aggressiveness in large cichlids and flowerhorns are not even In the same league to be honest.