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  1. Does anyone know of goldfish groups/society etc in Australia?
  2. I have 23 tanks at various sizes 4 fts, 2ft square and small 100 liter tanks as well as 4 ibc for grow out.Each ibc holds different size fry from free swimmers to sellable size fish. Unfortunately my fry growing to adolescent size is not the same percent or near to the amount of eggs or head and tails i had from the initial batch. I have a different egg tumbling system in place which has a fairly high percentage of success. So Im wondering about aquiring a few 5 litre water containers the rectangle shape and using them as a growout until approx 1cm. I have a sump system as well as air. So my question basically is having these 5 lt containers for an individual species be a good idea or am I chasing my tail and stick to sizing all my fish in the ibc? Would appreciate any feedback good or bad I have broad shoulders and compared to some of you am just a newbie in the game of cichlids. Thank you all again
  3. Ive just arranged to have a 4ft tank as my nursery/egg hatching tank so i will see how that goes
  4. thank you all who commented, I think its as you say try until you find a system that works for you. I do appreciate your comments and will be working on some different types
  5. Arrrrrrgh i'm loosing so many eggs in my tumbler, its one of these(below) i loose eggs in it they get stuck at the top, i turn air down then they don't move. I replaced the top water flow disc with panty hose, Falure I had about 40 eggs in there then checked next morning to find 15. What tumblers does everyone use bought or DIY ones. I've tried DIY ones don't work for me(so far). Maybe someone can direct me to ones that have a high rate of success. Thanks for any advice
  6. Ive been looking at the Ziss breeder boxes, just wanting to get other peoples reaction and if they use another type what type do you use?
  7. They are all on stands with 25x25 box steel. would smaller pieces to make the base size be another way of strengthening the base.
  8. I have 4 or so tanks with cracked bases ranging from 600 x 450 to 1200 x 380. Besides glass being the obvious is there another way of supporting the base eg like using fiberglass resin on a piece of plywood and sticking that to the base. Ive done the obvious repairs with silicone along the crack line, I dont have a big enough piece to path them either. Any advice would be grateful. Regards Paul
  9. Cool, thanks will go and have a bo peep
  10. Same space and location.....will be doing all the building outside, getting lights put up in shed for overall light then looking at trying a cheap way of led lighting the tanks, just using spare styrene, not using plywood.
  11. G'day fellow hobbyists i've decided to build new racks and get all my tanks fixed and all on new identical racks. I live in Maryborough and these are my tank sizes 12 1200 x 450 x 380 (most are around that size), 8 600 x 600 x 450 and 20 600 x 450 x 450. The last lot have all the bulkheads at the 600 end. At the moment the 1200 are on 3 racks of 4, no racks for 600 x 600 and the others are on 2 racks of 8. As you can guess not all tanks are utilized atm. Also have 5 iBC lol. Going to make new racks out of 25 x 25 box have roughly guessed about 220 m of steel is needed. Will be making stands of about 1200 long so movement and transport is far easier. One of the forum member(Malawimates) will be giving me a hand. Will try and get photos up from start to finish. I have tanks set up now. what would be the best way of changing stands over? Build all stand first and do a big change over a day or or one stand at a time then change that stand over. I would be inclined to build all stands and move on the one day so all pipes etc can be done as well. Feel free to add comments, suggestions, theories and anything else you might have tucked away in those minds of yours. Regards Paul
  12. i have floating nets as well
  13. i have 4 ibc as grow out tanks
  14. I have a 6x2x2 tank, i want to set it up as a display tank, so i will be on the lookout for tangs in the near future. Looking for suggestions maybe looking for pairs of fush or is it better to have small colonies ?
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