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  1. just offer free postage and they will be happy, you of course will be out of pocket though
  2. offer him 2k, thats how gumtree works
  3. ive got a 6 foot tank, got the 6kg one from keg king set it up in December 2016 running at 5bps for 9 hours a day, still going strong on the original co2, im hoping at least 2 more months it will last before it needs a refill
  4. Hi mate,what is your mobile number and

    l,I I send some crypt photos


  5. Quick update. had to go away for a week and a bit so I left it untouched. On return all my dwarf hair grass and Monte Carlo were ripped out and beyond saving So I have given up on them for the moment and I am going to grow some different types of crypts as the rainbowfish don't touch them and they grow fairly quick in my tank for some reason. update pic: 5/2/17
  6. Yeah on sold it. Had it painted black but did not do much with it
  7. Background of tank: Purchased the tank second hand a year or two ago and was always a bit dissatisfied about the scratches on the front (there was literally hundreds) decided i would take a peek behind the silicon background a few weeks ago and low and behold it was spotless apart from a few calcium stains. I thought stuff this i'm doing a rescape and pulling this background off. i had found a youtube video about 4 months back from CADE (below) and thought holy cow that would be awesome to do my own version. Even though im just a total amateur and have no aquascaping skills whatsoever but wanted to give it a shot and thought it would be the perfect time to do it. This kinda explains why i named it Aladdin's Cave. The rocks are Blue Pitching Stone from Centenary Landscaping Supplies in brisbane. Cost $6 yeah $6 for 100kgs the Blue stone and the Cave coming together just reminded me of Aladdin and the cave with the lamp. Stocklist: I love Rainbowfish and didnt want to give them up after the rescape so i decided to keep them and see how they go in the new scape. 4 x SAE's for algae 20+ Rainbowfish 4 x ottos for algae random number of NQ Algae shrimp Extras: Keg King co2 and upaqua diffuser 2 x strips white MakeMyLed lights Fertilizer: Easy-Life Profita - https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6279&catID=65 Time taken: Started Sunday morning at 5am, finished and added all fish by 7pm Sunday night. Water parameters were the same as well as temps and canister had been running in a bucket of tank water for 2 hours. Sorry for the crap photos - iphone 5's are crap The Breakdown: Old Tank Pieces iron sand was causing all sorts of BGA issues and needed it gone and just never liked the scape of it. breaking down background finally gone, thank god Frosted background applied (was a bit of a hassle and not 100%) but looks great anyway Tank flipped around (frost now at the back) Lights Camera Action (lights are my previous Makemyled lights, only using 2 tubes and its very bright) tank looks in poor condition at that point as well) the scape really begins.............. Red Scoria from Centenary Landscaping supplies ($20) to build the mountains up without spending a fortune on expensive substrate more building up and more rocks added topped with 2cm worth of 3 x bags of Caribsea Floramax Volcano Red - thanks to Age of Aquariums bunnings play sand added $7 the filling up begins more filling up filled up and fish in..... Monday Night: Added more plants. More Monte Carlo from Age of Aquariums (again, so close to work and always easy to talk to) and some crypts from the old tank as well as some java fern tank still hasnt cleared yet so sorry about the pictures Crypts have been put in between the bottom rocks to keep a hold of the floramax substrate to stop the SAE's moving it onto the sand The plan is to carpet the floramax with Dwarf hair grass and Monte carlo and the crypts in between to give some brownish colour MORE UPDATES TO COME WHEN WATER IS CLEAR Shit, i really should claim my 10% off in store at Age of Aquariums, i always forget to
  8. Just a diffuser with the bubbles leading into a wave maker to push them around a bit more
  9. 6.5 foot around 700 litres Makemyled lights around 180w worth and just using osmocote pond and aquatic fertilizer tabs in the ground for the root based plants, not dosing the tank with anything else
  10. any update dude? i haven't really noticed any difference in plant growth with mine running at 4 bubbles a second. may need to increase it. Lights are on 8 hours a day
  11. did you tighten it up fairly well? i did mine pretty tight and also prayed some soapy water on it, couldnt see it bubbling. but you got a different regulator to mine so it could be that
  12. guess you didnt get it before xmas then ?
  13. Hey dude,

    how heavy do you reckon the tank is and how many people did you need to move it into place?

    i may have found transport for it, but need to find people to lift it

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