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  1. Allfish2u & Aquagreen have some and will ship.
  2. What brand is a accurate and reliable aquarium thermometer. I have strips and a digital one which you insert the probe. the readings can be 2 degrees different. Would be nice to know what it actually is.
  3. Aquariums R Us have very good tanks at good prices. They have outlets on South and North side of Brisbane.
  4. There is nothing that I require urgently in the package though I could have done with the air valves as I have shifted some tanks to a different site in my air line and I would like to get the filters working there. If I knew how to plug the old holes I would have just shifted the air valves with the tanks.
  5. Purchased some items from the Tech Den in CABOOLTURE who shipped the parcel on Mon.14th it then went to BRENDALE QLD on the same day. Now the items are in, wait for it SUNSHINE WEST VIC with an expected delivery on the 23-12th. Know wonder they are losing money. In no way am I blaming the Tech Den for this problem
  6. Where do all the fancy Guppies Go. Every weekend Fish Chick auctions fancy Guppy trios but you never see anyone trying to sell the offspring. I purchased 2 trios and have approx 5o Juveniles and fry growing out. Gave a few to a friend but the others I will be wanting to sell. Others must be in the same boat.
  7. The water parameters were from a test strip and I have just checked my nitrites with the test tube and drops and they still say 0. The tanks do have plants in them but I would not say heavily planted. I have 11 tanks and the water is all town water treated with water conditioner. They all don't contain guppies.
  8. Is it a common practice for female guppies to die after giving birth. I have had quite a few guppies die after giving birth and it happened again yesterday. I feed my guppies 3 times a day and when I fed at lunch time all was well but when I fed again at 5pm a female was on the bottom of the tank barely alive and new fry were swimming in the tank. My water parameters are NO3 zero, NO2 zero, PH 7.5, KH 80, GH 30, water temp 26 degrees Celsius. The ratios that I keep are usually 1 :2 or 2:5 but the tank that I lost my last female only contained females as i had lost the male to clamped fins a while ago. The tanks have Java Moss and Hornwort in them.
  9. Thanks to everyone that has replied.I have been through Bunnings and can't find anything that would work. The strip that is on 1 tank is black, sits over the tank and goes right along the with the piece on the inside kicked up at right angles to hold the lid. What Jc12 recommends seems OK and I have ordered 3 to try.
  10. I am after some plastic strips to fit glass lids on my tanks. Have been to Bunnings Hervey Bay and can't find anything. Does anyone know what they are called. vern
  11. I drove down from Hervey Bay and was very disapointed in the number of sellers, only probably 6 or 7. I was only in there for 10 to 15 min. and left. To make it a success the hall has to be filled with sellers. I hummed and hard whether to go or not but decided that if you never go you will never know. I won't bother going in the future. I did pick up some nice Rams at other places will down there so the trip wasn't totally wasted.
  12. Thanks everybody for your responses. I hadn't thought about the height of the top tanks but as they will be 2ft X 1ft I think they will be OK. Will check though. The configuration that I am going to use is 2 X 3ft & 1 X 2ft on the bottom, 1 X 3ft, 2 X 2ft & 1 X 1ft on the middle & 4 X 2ft on the top. Will have to do some planning to see how this works.
  13. I am thinking of building a rack and would like to know what distance to leave between the top of the tank to the bottom of the shelf above for ease of cleaning catching fish etc. Vern
  14. If you are breeding normal Pindani and Albino Pindani in the same tank and a Pindani and an Albino breed together, how is the Albino gene pass on. I have come from a bird breeding background and understand Recessive, Sex linked and dominate where you get normal looking birds but are split ( carry the other mutations gene hidden). So if the two fish above breed will I get Normal Pindani split Albino and if so in what capacity. Thanks. Vern
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