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  1. Thanks im not happy with mine from the landscaper haha not bright enough, ill look into the DIY LEDs from bunnings. Cheers mate I did see the coral sand earlier but wasnt to keen on the price but you have talked me into it as i want it to look good so think ill just spend the extra money on it. Thanks.
  2. Half your luck having the week off tdj5, i went the sand option as well but i'm not sure if its going to be as bright as i would like it to be, i got white sand from my local landscaping yard, nice and cheap but dirty and slow process atm cleaning it lol. I'm hoping the lighting will make it a lot more whiter, as to which light/lights i'm going for id like some suggestions as i don't know a lot when it comes to picking but i was leaning towards to options, The 1st being a DIY light off ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-30M-SMD-5050-RGB-LED-Strip-Light-Flexible-Lighting-Kit-12V-DIY-Power-Adapter-/121947389443?var=&hash=item1c64a17e03:m:m-8h9g05HPbb6Eh-ebRZA0w or the 2nd being 2 of them either http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/beamswork-ea-120-led-aquarium-light-120cm-4ft-moonlight-10-000k.html or http://www.aquaholicsonline.com.au/beamswork-bright-hi-lumen-120-white-blue-moonlight-led-aquarium-light.html Sorry for all the questions and links, any suggestions or other lights i should look at or feedback will be greatly appreciated Cheers Jimps
  3. Some early risers here, thanks for the messages and welcomes. The kids just got the real popular goldfish They love it even though their 2 and 1yrs old. As for my 8ft im going to go with Africans more so lake malawi types. I do have a couple of questions reguarding the lights and substrate. This the place for these questions or should i ask in another section and get a few more suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  4. Just a quick hello from the northside (Griffin) been a user on this site for a while mainly a viewer haha, havent had a tank for quite a few years until the other day when i set one up for the kids which made me want my own again so went out and bought an 8ft slowly setting it up when their in bed as its the only time i can do it without them all over it lol. Anyways looking forward to chatting and buying fish etc in the future.
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