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  1. Hey my new texas I adopted! ! Couple action shots as my jag tried to challenge the new comer lol thinks he's so tuff. I think it's male anyways I think it's an awesome texas
  2. Updated pics of my festae I showed a few posts up.... really coming along nicely. Gets chased a bit by my zonatus but he's starting to come into his own. He's awesome
  3. Hey do you guys know if you can successfully have two male jags in a tank. I have a 6×2×2 with a jag, festae, jd, zonatus and have just acquired a second male jag. They are the same size but one jag is darker and the other has a real bronze about him. What you think the success rate would be?
  4. Here is a vent pic. Hope this helps
  5. 6×2×2 just need my sump to arrive and then happy days!!
  6. Hey guys I have had to downsize to a 6×2×2 and have cut a few cichlids out of my stock. I have a male zonatus 30cm a male jag 15cm and a male festae15cm. Can I add another cichlid to my tank without over stocking? I have a few catfish as well but I want to add maybe a Texas or Argentea? Any other suggestions? Maybe a jd if it would survive with the others.
  7. The red on this female is amazing [MENTION=2827]pat[/MENTION] .. what a cichlid
  8. The red on this female is amazing man... what a cichlid
  9. Hey guys here's some different angles for you. Also I don't think it's an acara as i have one and I think this new one is too brightly colored and different shaped but what do you guys think? Excuse the tank still not fully setup waiting on my background and titan heater.
  10. Cheers man. He's only around 3- 4 inches. He's really bright and quite boisterous for his size. Considering he is in a tank with some big boys he's going really well
  11. My new jag and gt settling in to thier new tank. Rip jagged my big boy. Was a casualty when my 8×2×2 gave way. Got some new era cichlid food to try. How do people rate it?
  12. Haha a noob who obviously knows more then you. If I had the intellectual ability that you posses I'd be keeping what your classed as. Neons hahahaha oh and the guy I bought my male terror from is also an expert in exotics so pretty sure my terror has a solid bloodline. Where did your mate get his terrors from the local Lfs at Mackay if you guys even have one. I'll repeat myself cause you and your flower boy seem a little slow... why are you even still on this thread? The question has been answered by some very helpful people. Cheers guys
  13. Oh can't you read sorry mate thought you were educated my mistake. Better go get flower boy to give you a hug mate you seem to be getting a bit emotional hahaha why do you cichlid keeping guys always think your so knowledgeable. . . I have a 8×2×2 with all male americans which you noobs say you can't keep together. Wrong they just need adequate water conditions and food. Little over stocking doesn't go astray as long as you keep the water conditions perfect. Haven't had a drama. Go back to your umbee mate. I have a chick friend who keeps one of those that's 50 cm with a dovii and a couple bass in a 6×3 and they are weak as. Don't talk like you know what your on about. Why are you even still on this thread?? Got no mates I can't see a reason for that......
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