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  1. Thanks everybody for your kind assistance. Our Gourami appears to be on the mend and his blotches disappearing. Still not eating as normal but hopefully will get back to normal next few days. We also owe thanks to Howard at Annerley Aquarium in Brisbane. Fantastic shop with very kind and experienced owners. Although we live on the Gold Coast we will be supporting them from now on.
  2. Been feeding him mainly lettuce with snacks of strawberries, peaches, grapes etc
  3. Do water change every10 days. Had water tested yesterday and is ok. The problem appears to be an internal problem with the fish. How to treat the bacterial problem? Kindest regards Allice
  4. Tank size is 6ft x 2ft x 2ft I don't think he is bloated maybe he was constipated if anything
  5. Hi, Our Giant Gourami is about 24 inches long and 5 years old. He has developed blotches under his skin and appears to have some red in his bowel movement. He is not himself and not eating. We are really concerned and this developed suddenly. Would really appreciate any advice. He is like one of the family. Kindest regards Allice
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