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  1. Nice looking fish mate know nothing much but i think most Africans lake fish will cross, if yours do cross spawn make sure they become fish food, there's enough cross breed muts out there now, even in pet shops you'll find them. Any way would have love to see a pic the the whole tank, what i can see of your tank scape is looks great but would like to see the whole picture
  2. I'd be putting a net over the. let g their in, use mozzie net and some stainless wire to make a tee pee over them. It will protect the male and eggs till they hatch and make it a hell of a lot easier to catch and move when the time comes. For me there nothing worse than lossing fry when i spend so much and effort to raise my adults fish from fry to breeding age and swan just to loss the fry. Anyway if your peppers are breeding, your geos' are surely well geed and don't need to snack on cory smacks. Anyway well done, hope too see more up dates on them in the future. I have 7 peppers in a 2ft x18 plant tank, from 1cm to about 4 1/2cm I'm hoping will get jiggy with it before to long. Enjoy them and protect them, and if you get them up to sellable size me and no doubt other on here would adopt afew each
  3. My pepps go for days just sucking on it when I put a new piece in their tank not seeming to eat anything but. Black wattle is a other good 1, though afew water changes may be needed be pending on size and age of the piece you up in your tank. I only commented on this thread because it amazes me the amount of chemicals there are for our hobby, (none being cheap or inexpensive,) just to get water parameters in the ball park of natural habitat for said species. Hammer bi cab to bring the ph down fresh red gum or. Lack wattle in your water change barrels will keep your water soft, ph stable, blended tannins water and clear water to become i a desirable shade of black tea. Its not a precise science but with a bit of time patients you xan get , then its just a matter of rotating the gum as the tannins start to pitter off.
  4. A solid piece of bluegum or river red well do the same thing. Its Australian and only cost you a walk on an river bank anywhere here in oz
  5. Have a search on Gumtree there was 2 really good set ups on there about a week ago 1 got a 5lt bottle. A d the other a 3.5lt bottle. Both with twin gauges solenoid gas defusers and both under $200. Its $300 just for 3.5 bottle new and another $90plus for a twin gauge depending on where you get it . If they still there and you got the funds grab the bigger of the set ups. No expense was spared in the putting together of the system. If only i had the coin it would be under my 5' 18'' 18''. Or you could always go funky and make up your own homemade system. Looked at a neat diy set up on I'm at Oxley pines van Park Kimberley St Richlands just off Ipswich hwy. Which way you coming from tank form the other nite. Bottom line, the best set up is what you can afford at the time. I bought the single gauge set up from the same mob in the link. From Paul's aquarium supplies. 0,5lt bottle touchy to adjust, but once set forget. Great for my 2fter, and for $150 I'm happy with it, it only $4 refill every month or so. A bigger bottle would be nice so i can run more than one tank and forget its there for a few years. You get what you pay for so, do be cheap when you decide which set up best suits you, cause even entry level gear is t cheap.
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  7. Buyer beware, I've only every bought fish from exotic fish connection at Rocklea. Party the price and they're close to home I go to the markets on Sundays there tanks are clean and clear, even with 20odd juvie Oscars in the tank,because when i ask a question i get told an answer that is honest in and in terms that i can understand and, make use of, also keep personal tanks at home and also breed and have breed many different fish over the years they fact that their will
  8. Elbow grease,green scaer pads vinegar and a knife.to scrap the thicker part off. Bleach is also good but any natural acid that will evaporate or wash away with a hose without leaving any residual film on the glass, And kill any nasties that may have hitched a ride Metho and newspaper is the best glass cleaner out when you finished
  9. For those wanting to do rain water w/c some soft water fish (discus angels fish rams and others) males can't fertilize their eggs rain water has no chemicals in it yes . but it also has no Minerals and trace elements needed in the the water for the health of your aquarium, fish and plants like us ,need them for healthy living I did a big w/c in my 200lt angel tank with rain water the other day and they spawned that afternoon but the next day all egg where white. their a young pair but have spawned well in the past and have started to parent raise their young to swimmer stage(at which pint they go into the fry saver, not sure i trust them fully yet) i was home at the time and was lucky enough too see them doing their thing up and down their favorite plastic sword plant, so i knew the male had done his bit for the team. So i rang my LFS to must rain water i was told that rain water needs to be treated or mixed with aged tap water to bring it up to the right hardness. Weather or not your breeding or just keeping fish you shouldn't use straight rain water. Its pure , wild fish don't live in pure rain water. Rivers Creeks and even the sea ,has minerals and trace elements and even some impurity its leches from the earth and rocks in and around the system,some being essential to the health of the system and anything living in or around the water way. Your fish my seem happier in straight r/water but their not as health or as happy as they if you were to add the right minerals it lacks. Ever seen white spot on a wild catch fish or many of the other tank diseases that aquarium fish get, i never have. Because if s fish has the rite water quality and food it happy and healthy like its environment If your fish ain't acustom to rain water , add slowly to allow your fish time to become acclimatized to the new water parameters of the tank.If you do a 40lt w/c only use 10-15 lts of rain water,i use a list long piece of air hose in a bucket on top of the tank and let it drip in over afew hours well i first start adding r/water for the first time mixed with age tap water that i leave in the sun for a week to evaporate the chorine and fluoride,this way also allows many of the heavy metals in the water settle to the bottom then i just syphon it out till i get down to the last 10lts or so empty the drum on the lawn fill a have sit for another week in the sun. I also use prime in my aged water just in case its not be hot enough to evaporate the chlorides in the tap water. Rain water is good is great but not on its own straight from the sky
  10. Freshwater eel spawn on the reefs off Various islands such Fiji in the in the pacific swim the currents down the east coast of Australia Finding their way to creeks and river along the coast where they become glass eels They will climb rock wall weirs and Barrow through mud walls and across small tracks of land to get as far up said river till they find the top waters then spend the rest of their life slowly making their way back to the reef of birth spawn and die Not bad for something that starts life mm long
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