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  1. Large Peppermint bristlenoseTrio for sale. 2 x females, 1 x male. $170. Too hard to photograph. If interested come have a look. Located North Lakes.
  2. If you ever come near north lakes I'll take them for $20
  3. For sale : 2 years old. Only used for 6 mths. In perfect condition. Comes for return pump . $360. North Lakes Model: HC-300APower: 1/4HPVoltage: 220~240VFrequency: 50HzWorking Current: 1.8AWater Refrigerated: 100~800LIced Medium: R134aRate of Flow: 1000~2500L/HSize: 448×330×440mm
  4. Still looking.
  5. Do u still breed L046s? 

  6. After 5-6 juvies. Brisbane north side thanks.
  7. Thanks guys but I'm just after tanks only and not much of a handy person when it comes to tank building. Can get tanks brand new for $100 each but only need them as breeding tanks so can't justify the cash.
  8. Just after a two cheap 3x18x18 tanks for breeding. Doesn't need to be display quality. Thanks.
  9. Sold pending pick up today
  10. CO2 system for sale. Approx 12 mths old Just needs regassing. $320 Description 2.6 Litre bottle with Australian standard tested for 10 years XL Deluxe gauges and solonoid Computerised CO2/PH controller and probe Diffuser, bubble counter, CO2 tube and value
  11. Approx 18 mths old. Only used for 6 mths. North Lakes $360 Description: Model - HC-300A Power - 1/4HP Voltage - 220~240V(110~120V) Frequency - 50Hz(60Hz) Working Current - 1.8A(3A) Water Refrigerated - 100~800L Iced Medium - R134a Rate of Flow - 1000~2500L/H Weight - 18.6Kg Size - 448x330x440mm Pull down from ambiant - 300 Lt 10oc or 600 Lt 5oc
  12. Considering selling my Neptune Apex Controller. Only purchased in July so still under warranty. Paid $1019 plus $250 for leak detector probe and module and $60 for bridge connector to make wireless. PM with offers if you are keen
  13. Depending on how urgent you need it but I'm in Germany at the moment and get back on 23rd but Eheim 2217 shafts brand new are $20 if you needed one.
  14. I have the eheim 2217 bio-media cannister on a 4x2x2 with 10 medium-large discus and tetras etc with no issues at all and obviously I feed heavily with beef heart, Blackworms, dry etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk