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  1. Hi Discus duck  i have sent a couple pms very interested in Bn colony if you could pls txt me on 0411789271


    Thanks Zoe

    1. peter m

      peter m

      Hi again Discus_Duck still says you cannot receive pms    you can contact me on 0435021856 can pick up almost any time   Peter

  2. Hi I am interested in the Bristlenose colony , where are you for pick up. Thanks


    1. Discus_Duck


      Sorry Carolyn, it looks like stone else got in first and is picking them up tomorrow. Will let you know for sure when I knodt

    2. kitmini
  3. Jump into the discus section on here, there's loads of great info to read through. I'm new to discus keeping but would say they aren't fragile but you have to know what they need especially with water etc before you start.
  4. How can you resist that face lol
  5. Welcome Krista, you've got a great tank there and will get great advice here
  6. A quick photo of my ring turq Makoto thanks Dt, a week in the tank and owning the place!
  7. Welcome reman. Can't wait to see some pics
  8. Ssdisus is brill and prob still has some juvies for sale. DT will def have a fair few to drool over. Annerley Aquarium will have a great selection too. All three are legends and can give you great advice on setup etc too.
  9. So, I have ssdiscus to thank for this latest excitement. After picking up my stunning new male discus Sat we have action :hug:Seems the arranged marriage is doing well! (Photos taken from a great distance, sorry for quality)
  10. Lovely looking fish, they look very happy
  11. They look lovely, how exciting!
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