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  1. I'm using Aquasonic Bio-culture as a booster following my tank troubles a month or so ago. I'm not sure if it works, but my water quality is spot on, even though I'm still having pH troubles. Anyway, the stuff is a live culture that needs to be kept in the fridge.
  2. I've got 3 corydoras (two Sterbai, one bronze ) that are 10+ years old. The rest of the cories in the tank are 8 to 9, while I also have about a dozen juveniles all born in-tank ranging from 6 weeks to 1 year. So pensioners and infants.
  3. I've got the same Bunnings timer that pk333 posted. It's been running for at least a month so far -- hopefully it continues because I don't know where I put the receipt!
  4. I've gotten clove oil at the pharmacy straight up without any additives -- it's quite common to use it for toothaches I was told!
  5. No missus, but no one in the family goes near the tank at all, let alone to spray anything. The initial takedown of the tank is still a mystery, although my LFS told me that a few other customers recently reported some bad water that had a bad effect on their tanks, although i'm not sure if it happened at around the same time as my incident, particularly as I also use water aged for a few days outside.
  6. My test kits are brand new, only a couple of weeks old. The expiry dates on them are a couple of years off as well. I emailed the manufacturer about the Nitrate kit but they've yet to get back to me. I've also done a measure of my tap water and the pH there is 7.5, with zero ammonia and nitrite. I'm not hugely worried as I was a couple of weeks ago, as everyone is playing, eating and spawning as if nothing is wrong. But the low pH is kinda of bugging me a bit, and as i've not bought test kits in many, many years, I don't know what my baseline parameters are. Edit: I'm playing around in this calculator: http://www.hamzasreef.com/Contents/Calculators/FreeAmmonia.php And inputting my data gives me free ammonia at 0.0003 mg/L, so in theory the tank should be okay.
  7. My tank seems to have stabilised, and it's been going about 10 or so days without any problems -- I even had spawning activity on Monday! That said, my pH seems a bit low, somewhere between 5.5 to 6 (closer to the 6 side of things) even though the new water that I add is at 7.5; my LFS mentioned that the pH in their "general" tanks is about 6.5. My ammonia is at 0.5 mg/L and sometimes a bit under, but never seems to reach zero. Nitrite is at zero and Nitrate is a weird reading (colourless when it should be at least yellow). So i'm not sure if the tank is back at normal, or the cories have just become accustomed to the low pH and small amount of ammonia...
  8. Yeah, I read that while researching, but after the initial days my ammonia stabilised to 0.5mg/L and nitrite was at zero and my pH still tanked. So I don't know... this was a really strange problem with my tank, what with the sudden onset of the problem with "new" water, so maybe chock it down to just general weirdness. Alternatively it may have been the Ammo-lock which tanked my pH, because i've never used that before, whereas I always use Prime -- I don't have prior data with my tank as i've never needed test kits prior to this incident. Either way, everything looks like it's back to normal at least, which is good!
  9. My LFS warned me not to dose too much Prime etc, because it would lower my pH, and unfortunately it did exactly that! My pH tanked down to about 4.5 at one stage! Did my weekly water change on Sunday and scrubbed off all the remaining gunk on the leaves of my plants and added new water slowly and immediately the cories reacted positively! I even found a 3 week old baby that I thought wouldn't survive the ammonia spike and pH swings and yet there it was bigger than when I saw it last! Unfortunately, I did end up losing 8 cories -- and a few more are still sketchy and sick, but otherwise everyone else is now back to normal! They've bounced back so quickly it's quite amazing! They're tough buggers for sure! I definitely buggered up in responding to the tank, but i've never had something like this before in 10+ years of fishkeeping! A very painful lesson and experience!
  10. I've got a mix of pool filter and river sand (plus a bit of gravel) in my 4ft cory tank and it's still going well nine years on. That said, I did reduce the amount to a thin layer as I got the feeling that when I had it too deep, it was causing problems (bacterial I think) and that's even though I was turning it over every week. All my plants are now on wood or rocks, because the cories turned out to be mischievous little buggers and dug everything up!
  11. Just did a test of the water (using Prodac International kits): Temp: 24C (on really hot days it's higher). Ph: 6.5. Ammonia: 0.5mg/L (down from 10+mg/L on Monday). Nitrite: essentially 0 (not exactly clear, but clear enough that it doesn't even come close to the next gradation). Nitrate: essentially 0 (reading was a clear colour, and didn't even hit the colour gradation for "official" 0). My cories are still jetting to the top, but are probably still in shock from the goings on, so i'll just leave them alone for now and monitor the water parameters each day. Many thanks to everyone!
  12. Hi Waggles! No power outage on my end -- my corys started acting funny right after my weekly clean, something that they never do! And when I went to feed them in the evening, only a few decided to play "stacks on" when I dropped food into the tank. The new water that I put in at the time had to be "poisoned" in some manner, because i've never had a problem of this magnitude in the near decade that i've had the tank! Two more fatalities today, and one more on the way by the looks of it... it's bloody heartbreaking to watch! Hoping both your tank and mine finish cycling up soon!
  13. Oh yeah! I go nutso on the Prime (or any other dechlorinator) just to play it safe -- I overdose both the aged water and the direct from tap water, then at the end of my water change drop more into the tank! And after reading that thread, i'm glad I do just that! Many thanks for the link!
  14. Hi Lictoga! I live in the Sydney suburbs, so i'm not sure how much variance there would be from week to week, and although we did have rain earlier in the week, it wasn't major, so nothing out of the ordinary really. The best guess is that something must have gotten into the water as I aged it outside, because I can't think of anything else that would've taken out my tank like that!
  15. Didn't touch anything in the canister filter at all! Which is why it's got me stumped! Hell! Someone could've purposely gone out to poison my tank, but I don't really have anyone on my "Richard Nixon Enemies List"... Honestly, it's been more heartbreaking than annoying! Seeing my fat little buggers gasping for breath and being pushed about by the current as they head to the surface to breathe... Just had a quick peek of the tank before lights out and it seems to have settled down -- some of my Sterbais looked as if they were playing! Will see how they do tomorrow and if it looks bad will do a water change. Many thanks for the replies Donny!
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