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  1. I just had the same problem with one of my tanks a couple of days ago. I had some purple waffle and I don't know what happened but it just started dying and rotting and putting some weird mucousy stuff in my tank. Ended up having to give the purple waffle up as lost. Hope you have better luck with your plants.
  2. I think they might be. I'm just worried. Haha. They're so lovely~
  3. Still watching them. One of the snooks just grabbed one of the pellets, spat it out, watched it for half a second and then promptly ate it.
  4. I'm watching them right now and I think I just saw another pellet get chewed up. I'm not really sure about their poo. All but one piece of the poo I can see on the bottom of the tank looks totally normal. I can see one piece that goes from normal and then sort of transitions into white and stringy. But I'm not really sure because it looks a little like some of the plant matter in the tank.
  5. I got these guys on Sunday from a man who had to sell the whole tank plus fish because he was moving and couldn't keep them anymore. So, technically, the tank in its current location has been running since then. Before that however, the fish had all been together in their tank for at least a few years. They have the same filters they've always had, and we transferred as much of the biological component as we could. The three other fish in the tank seem happy and have been eating.
  6. I know they're probably just sulking, but my two snooks and my flowerhorn don't seem to have eaten in days. I know they must be eating at least a little, but I'm still worried. I've had them since Sunday, and they just don't seem to be interested in anything I have presented to them. I've offered them their pellets, of which I have witnessed one taking one into its mouth before spitting out what appeared to be at least some of the pellet in pieces. I tried offering them some live food - again, not interested. Any tips?
  7. You guys are awesome. Thanks heaps
  8. I'm just curious what type of pleco my handsome fishy is. Reading the veggie list I saw that it's best to know the id of your catfish to make sure you give them the proper foods.
  9. That's certainly an interesting analogy. Haha
  10. Oh cool. Thank you. Are either of the sexes more aggressive than the other?
  11. Wow! That sounds like it was an adventure and a half. :/ That's good to know. Thank you for that.
  12. Not sure how good the photo is, but this is my flowerhorn. Just got it the other day, and I'm curious what type it is and also what sex it is.
  13. Thanks! Haha The tank I was planning to empty out and make a mudskipper tank, is now a betta tank. I saw a beautiful peacock blue betta today and ended up buying him. I want to do some more research before I get a mudskipper, but it's still definitely in the cards for the future!
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