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    Discus Keeping and Breeding. Making Natural High quality Discus food. Interested in Minimalist and Natural water filtration. Please Visit my Face Book Page Dedicated to my Discus "Holistic Discus"
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  1. thanks mate, I did send Sony a message to his mobile number
  2. Good Quality Pair from Reputed Breeders in Malaysia, Bought them Individually and paired up in my tank. Male is tiger Turquoise 15 cm long and 16cm high, high body and female is blue face blue rim red cover which is about 12cm . Spawn few Occasions but No Wrigglers yet. So not a Proven Pair. Selling them since I have Committed to by more expensive and rare Discus. Need to get rid off some in order to add new Breeding stock. message me for more information or visit my Face book Page "Holistic Discus" . $650
  3. Hi Mate I do have a imported Pair. (Well-known breeders' in Malaysia.) Male is a Tiger Turquoise high body, 16cm high 15 cm long) and female is Red Dimond(Blue face/blue rim Red cover. } I bought them as individual Fish and paired up in my tank. Spawn few times but no wrigglers yet. so it is not a !00% Confirmed Pair. I am in Oxley. Let me know if you are interested, Will text you my contact and some photos.
  4. Thanks mate. Only problem is I can not see the real fish I am buying as it is an online shop!
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and looking for some good quality wakin and Ryukin in Brisbane for sale. I have been to few aquariums but no luck. It will be great if some can let me know where I can purchase some good quality fish in Brisbane/Ipswich?
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