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  1. Hm never thought of feeding up the feeders first. I feed them a combination of pellets, earth worms, feeders, beef heart ( loves it) even non native geckos. Ill try not feeding him again.
  2. My main fish are too lazy to chase the feeders(will smash anything and everything that hits the surface)..and the feeder are too relaxed for my liking. . suggestions for good active native hunters ?
  3. Ok guys its been a couple of weeks so I thought I would give a little pic progress. I couldn't bring myself to kill them. The size of the fish haven't really changed but a little colour is starting to come out. Sorry for the bad photography lol I'm using my phone + they are zippy.
  4. Just looked up brasiliensis and the ones I have do have purple on them tho its hard to see in my pics being only like 4 maybe 5 cms. iv had them in a tank for 3 or so weeks now the black marks change day to day.. the markings across the eyes and the dot never changes but the other making can disappear completely or be very dark.
  5. Having issues uploading pics... using my phone. But im working on it
  6. Ok so I was fishing for red claws in sumerset and I pulled up this. I would like to know what they are.
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