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  1. Hi all recently i bought the aquaone 2700 non uv edition, so ive just started the setup and sorted the media out and put the oring on the headunit but i am unable to close the lid of the caister is there a trick to closing it, i can one side down but the oring seems to be not allowing it to close can some one help me out please
  2. HI Everyone Im Looking For Bristlenoses Peppermints Location Nerang Or Robina is there any breeders
  3. both of them would you say they are, i spoke with my petstore they said is a pair male & female
  4. ive got common bristlenoses located killarneyy
  5. Hi guy i wanted to find the sex of these guys l333
  6. Hi Everyone Just Wanted To Let Everyone Know That I Have Various Sized Common Bristle Noses Prices On Bristlenoses Common 3x 10$ 5x 15$ 7x 20$ 10x 25$ 15x 30$ Located Warwick/Killarney Note - Bring Your Own Bucket
  7. Hi Guys Sorry To Bother You At this time but my kribensis have had some babies and wanted to know what they eat do they eat brine shrimp or artemia for the kribesis thanks do they eat brine shrimp or do i need the artemia food also do theyeat the flake food
  8. hi how far are u from warwick? i live in warwick qld
  9. Hi Everyone, i live around Warwick area and im about hour or so from toowoomba i'm trying to find sellers in Warwick preferably and looking for the following 1. 2x Peppermints Bristle-nose Male & Female 2. 2x Orange Spot Bristle-nose (Male & Female) 3. 2x Corydaras Bronze(Males) 4. 2x Corydaras Albino (Males) 5. 2x Corydaras Leapord
  10. Hi All, wanted to ask everyone if its ok to have two plecos M&Female in a four foot note i have other fish in the tank such as 2x Blue Acaras 1x Blue Ram 4x Columbian Redtail Tetras 1x Kribensis 4x Common Bristlenose
  11. For Sale Item 1x 4Foot Fish Tank (Note Tank Will Need To Be Resealed) Measurements (L 51inches W 18inches H 24inch) 1x 4foot Fish Tank Light 1x Aquaone 1000 Aquis Canister 1x 2200 Otto Filter You Are Getting The Bottom Tank Price - $250 Location - Warwick/Killarney
  12. Hi Guys Tanks For Letting Me Join ive Curious Question About Beamworks Lights i have a 120cm led light what happens if the one of the leds break how do i replace it?
  13. Before The Clean 4x2x2 After The Clean 4x2x2 Further Update On Clean 4x2x2 Tank Setting Up Fish Tank 4x2x2 Setup Running Thanks To [MENTION=3956]AquaholicsOnline[/MENTION] 1x 4x2x2 Fishtank 1x Beamworks Reef Light 4ft 1x Biopro 2200 Canister 1x Aquaone 9500 Airpump 1x 100Watt Heater
  14. Aquaone Aquis 1000 - How do i get one of these going???
  15. my acaras babys are small black and white and swimming arund the big tank accompanied by parents should i move little guys into breeding tank smalll tank
  16. Blue acaras are wrigling but not kjump should sokn hatch what should i do got small tank with bn fry should i move once they hatch?
  17. atm ive got a very small tank running for my bristle nose fry the eggs are in with acaras with kribs bn corydara rams and redtail
  18. Theres a male and female, but ive got other fish like bristlenose kribs cordaras columbian redtail tetras
  19. Hi Guys, my acara has just laid eggs not to sure on what to do could i get some help
  20. all the items in the four ft are all brand new out of the box except air pump n heater
  21. Hi Guys as some of you know im setting up my 4 ft tank soon i just wanted to know how long should i have my cannister running b4 tranfering over the fish to the new tank
  22. On the Final Clean a Touch of vineger on each side with a cloth ;D happy days now i will soon start on the bigger tank the one wth the leak will keep you posted same situation dirty
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