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  1. Really hard. But not as hard as Similus.
  2. Good good, your daughter still live with you? I remember you trying to induct her into the hobby.
  3. I actually thought you had left, so I kind of left too. But I’m back.
  4. The for sale is a bit stale at the moment. I’m after Amazon swords and they seem to be very hard to come by!
  5. From our sponsors? 3 x Jager 400w May cover it. The Tech Den. Titan have heavy duty heaters, suitable for a sump - Age of Aquariums stock them.
  6. I use NLS and my Angels and Geos love it.
  7. Sounds like shock. Not sure there’s much you can do to help.
  8. Smiths have so many Alto Calvus right now. They even have Sumbo dwarf Comps. The shell dweller variety.
  9. Thanks @B_Man and @l2h, but I need the Angels to be the centre piece of the display. So far since adding the Rummynose and the Apistogramma, I have really enjoyed watching them.
  10. @JB I am running 3 x 406 and an FX 6. Filtration isn’t an issue!
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