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  1. Aquarium Salts - Homemade

    Ah perfect, of course I do remember that now!
  2. Aquarium Salts - Homemade

    @gingerbeer no sodium chloride? Potassium Chloride instead? Why?
  3. Aquarium Salts - Homemade

    For my reference: Calcium Chloride - Pool Calcium buffer $5 a kg. Sodium Bicarbonate $5 a kg.
  4. How many do you have? I am already buying 8 4-5 cm juvies.
  5. Brought all theirs already, thanks for looking!
  6. Found the ad, they were moliro not moorii.
  7. I haven’t forgotten! Still sold mate just to reassure.
  8. As the post says, looking for 6 at least at around 4-6 cms.
  9. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    How much is 6kw, that’s what I’m looking at. How is the pond.
  10. Fish for Sale

    For the sake of getting 10 posts, what have you got?
  11. Fs F1 Tropheus Colonies

    This is so sad, the Moliro are exactly what I want but won’t have a Rick setup for 6 months at least!
  12. Marleri I think. Judging by the yellowish on the fins.
  13. How long until the next brood would be ready?
  14. All 8 to start with. Then the next brood!