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  1. Gday all! I'm giving the new Oliver Knott range of substrates a road test, Aqua Earth with a base layer of the Aqua Lat. Tank is an old Aqua One 50x30x30, with a 2cm (ish) layer of Aqua lat base and 1 full bag of Aqua Earth. Would do a standard 2 ft tank easily imo. Light is an Up Aqua U series, with Co2 via an inline reactor and I will dose LCA All in One ferts (after testing several big brand name ferts I absolutely love Jeff's product!) I won't be adding any root tabs as an experiment to see how it goes. I will add some stems, HC and MC in the next couple of days. Day 1 Pros - Cheap at The Tech Den - Very clean, no floaties like other brands - Photo was taken 1 hour after flooding with a little disturbance with the hose to test. - No nasties leeched just yet (will test and document daily). - Aqua Lat looks very clean and like the irregular size. - Colour, nice and dark like Cal Black Earth Cons - Maybe the grain size of the Aqua Earth if I had to pick a con at all, same as regular ADA Amazonia with no fine grain size offered. So far I'm quite impressed with these two products. I will document the water parameters and update this thread every couple of days. Feel free to ask any questions and ill do my best to promptly reply. I hope to replace the substrate in my shrimp rack with this stuff in the future if all goes well.
  2. The rack was looking good today after a bit of plant rearranging. Top shelf is still yet to be populated. There are a few blue dreams I may move though
  3. Just some quick phone photos. I'll upload some decent ones tomorrow
  4. Thanks mate! I will take some updated pics tomorrow. The 6 bottom tanks are completely restocked and breeding well! Pretty much everything is either holding eggs or freshly hatched. Tank 1 - Galaxy Tigers from Shannon Ryan. These shrimp are fantastic! Tank 2 - Tangerine Tigers. Tank 3 - Yellow Cherries, Zebra Pinto. Tank 4 - Blue Dreams & Aura Blue x Tangs Tank 5 - Fire Red Cherries & CRS Tank 6 - Black Rose Cherries & PRL The top 6 tanks are nearly finished Cycling so ive began to slowly scape them and plant. Each tank on the top row will be for the top shrimp from the bottom of the rack.
  5. Wow! I completely forgot about updating this sorry guys! So much has happened since the last update. So I filled the bottom rack with water and blocked the top off (As I was going on a holiday and wanted to keep it simple for the lady looking after the house). That was really a bad idea! I had automated everything in the fish room, Dosing pumps for ferts, Aircon on a timer program, auto top off RO Water ect. no expense spared. She thought she was doing me a favor by turning the aircon off to save power (it specifically said on the instructions to let it go as it was on a timer....) ALL of my shrimp were cooked, my Threadfin Rainbows all died, and a vast majority of my plants turned mushy as the room temp would have been sitting on about 38 degrees. I was devastated when I got home... Moving on, Ive just began to restock the shrimp rack now. Ive also filled the top row of tanks, and they are isolated so they can cycle with their individual Biospon Filters before I connect them into the sump loop. Plumbing - I hate plumbing hahaha! I stupidly did it all after the tanks were in place and the bottom row was cycling. Im not a small bloke so it was a bit of a tight squeeze behind the rack ahhaha! But saying that, it allowed me to cut everything to exact size, and I had no leaks when I finally had the water flowing through it. And it looks pretty neat so Im happy with my first ever attempt at plumbing, I also have a new appreciation for plumbers! Outflow is 25mm from the tank to 40mm into the sump, and Inflow is 20mm. Im not happy with the inflow into the tanks. They work well, and are self made rain bars, but they look dodgy AF. If anyone has any suggestions on something that will look nice, im all ears. Lights - I got 4x 3ft Up Aqua U series from Newbreed Aquatics closing sale (Thanks Jamie!). I have just zip tied them to the bracing above each tank and it works well and you cant see it. Saved me drilling things and was cheap. They are on a single power board with a timer so all go on at the same time. The bottom shelf has the sump and another tank that I cant bring myself to shut down (it did have my Bloody Marys in there from Saul Henebery but they were all killed in the shrimpocalyps so maybe its time to go....) Sump - 3ft long X 1.5ft wide X 1ft high custom build. Im not particularly happy with it as I had specific measurements it was supposed to have for the internal baffles to suit the media I had, and the dude stuffed it up. And there isnt anyone else in Townsville that builds tanks so Im kind of stuck with it for now. Just seeing the one bit of media sticking up f*cks with my OCD hahaha. Ive never had a sump before so if anyone has any tips for young players, im all ears. What kind of media are you guys using? I have Jap matt, and the rest is bio balls, bakki rods and marine pure balls. The chiller is on its own loop now as well back in to the sump. (disregard all the hoses everywhere, its a bit neater now). Other working parts - Auto Top Off - I made an Auto top off system that flows into the sump, its a simple float valve with 2 x 25 liter drums of RO Water. Its gravity fed as the drums are on the top shelf. It works really well and will last around 10 days depending on how hot it is. Equipment shelving - I got the 2 side shelves that are made for the Rack It shelving. They hold a fair bit of weight and look good. Happy with these as they hold all my food, ferts, test kits ect. Now Im in the process of restocking after the Shrimpocalyps, Ill update with some pics of the new occupants when they arrive. Thanks for reading, here are some pics of the poor shrimp that got cooked while I was in Japan :-( Ruby Reds from Ken Lee Blue Bolt from my LFS. Bloody Marys from Saul Henebery (These were my fav!) Sneaky girl trying to escape up the filter! Blue Dreams from Saul Yellow Cherries from Saul.
  6. *** Its been a while so I thought I would update *** Progress has been slow due to the one and only tank builder here in Townsville taking 3 months to build the tanks! I finally have them and to say Im happy with the quality would be a lie! Bubbles in the silicon and massive chunks of it slathered everywhere... Oh well gotta work with what Ive got... - I drilled 35mm holes in each one of the tanks and was pretty stoked I didnt smash any! I took my time, kept it wet and used an El Cheapo Diamond bit from eBay that came in a set (shipped from Australia as it was here within 4 days). - I have purchased the Pond Pro Air lab EV60 from TheTechDen to run the sponge filters. I will review this once it is all set up. I have also started making a PVC airline with taps to each tank and will upload some pics as that progresses. I got 4mm irrigation fittings from my LFS as he has used them and stocks them as well. - Ive painted the shelving in a waterproof sealer and it looks ALOT better than the original dull brown. - Getting the plumbing supplies has been a bit of a hassle as Ive had to order most of it in (Bulk heads, strainers ect) but the supply shop has been great to deal with! - Ive set up the lights; 4 x 3ft UP Aqua U series for plants. I purchased these from Newbreed Aquatics closing down sale at an absolute steal as well as a whole heap of other stuff! I have no idea how Im going to keep them attached to the underside of the rack bracing as I dont think I can drill in to the light itself. So far I just have it tied up there with some black craft string (cant see it and it works). - Ive set 2 tanks up to start the cycle; they have the bulkheads and strainers attached but blocked off. The Substrate is Benibachi Shrimp soil, with a layer of Mironekuton powder. Ive done this purely because I have a whole heap of Blue Dreams and Neon Yellows hanging off the front of another tank in Sudo Breeder boxes. Thanks for following the build. Once Ive completed more of it, I will update with details and plans as well from the Air System, Plumbing and parts lists ect.
  7. Purchased so far: Lights - 4 x 3ft Up Aqua U series (had great results with these lights in the past on planted shrimp tanks) Chiller - Teco 1000 Substrate - Benibachi Shrimp Substrate ( 8x normal, 4x fine) Filters - 12x Biospon sponge filters (will be doing a 3ft sump as well. Return Pump - Jebao DCS6000 with WiFi controller (if anyone has any experience with these pumps Id like to hear your opinion/experiences) Im still waiting on the custom tanks so I can get the ball rolling on the plumbing! They have taken forever to get done. One of the joys of living in Townsville I guess. I also went a bit silly on Newbreed Aquatics closing down sale and brought a whole heap of stuff.
  8. So the Chiller and Substrate have been purchased. Of coarse I went to The Tech Den for these, Teco 1000 and Benibachi shrimp substrate. Now thinking about lighting. Im going to plant each tank but nothing crazy. Some mosses, Eriocaulons, Monte Carlo (low/med light). What is everyone else using? Thanks
  9. None of that is proof. If any of that happened there would be writings in AQIS papers, newspapers ect. There is nothing on SKF
  10. Do you have actual evidence of this or just hearsay? Everyone has heard of it, but Ive found no proof of it actually happening.
  11. Ive done quite a bit of research in to the subject and to be honest I have not found 1 shred of evidence that AQIS or Fisheries have attended anyones property and nuked tanks. Id love to see evidence of anything like it, but I cant find a thing. Not meaning to be argumentative, but are you against keeping Cichlids? They are doing far more damage to our ecosystem here in Townsville than any other species. More education and awareness is needed for people who flush things down the toilet or throw them in to the local rivers. Ive screen shot and reported a dumb ass girl who threatened to release a large Oscar in the dam here if no one brought it off her.
  12. I appreciate the heads up mate but thats a good 3 day round trip. Its a great set up though and cheap!!!
  13. So now im looking in to Chillers, and for the system this size im thinking about the Teco 1000 (http://www.thetechden.com.au/Teco_TK1000_Chiller_for_tanks_up_to_1000_liters_p/tec102.htm?CartID=1) from everyones favorite QLDAF sponsor The Tech Den. Does anyone have any experience with them? Im looking at Teco instead of Hailea for the power consumption and also the overall build of them. Ive had the Hailea 150A on a few tanks in the past but wasnt really happy with them and also they chewed power. Any input would be great thanks!
  14. The original price was $150 per tank but said he would do me a favor and drop to $1300. Thats just taking the piss
  15. I've looked in alot of legislation and can't find definitive proof that they are illegal. They were here before the import ban. If you have a link is greatly appreciate it mate
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