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  1. Rod

    Please add me to the list.....I've spawned Dario dario....;)

    Dario dario.jpg

  2. Haha your both speaking about the same person... Me! The fry are getting close to ready (oldest fry are around 7 weeks old now) and the first batch released will be for breeders only so that I can help ensure breeders have them available to work with and we can hopefully establish the fish here in Aus. I'm not really active on the forums much anymore, so your best bet to find out when they are available is to follow AquaPixel (my fishroom) on facebook or instagram. Or shoot me a msg and i'll put you down on the list.
  3. Bunnings carry them too Near the jerry cans or near the petrol cans usually.
  4. What is your final apisto stock list planned as?
  5. Go get a coconut and cut it in half. These look MUCH nicer IMO vs the teracotta pots. I've also had issues with a couple of terracotta pots causing pH rises.
  6. Assuming I know hte LFS mentioned above (its the only one with that many species of apistos), then from my chat with the owner when i purchased a fair bit of stock form him he told me they are coming from his farm in Malaysia from memory? Or something along those lines at least. They breed them there apparently.
  7. Looks like a kenya tree coral to me. (Capnella sp.)
  8. Should be a few breeders in Qld mate Not sure about Gold Coast specifically though... But there is a few sellers recently in the For Sale section
  9. Any pics? Have you left 'her' on her own for a couple of weeks? I'm with goneself here, i'd say it isn't a female. Especially based on 'her' keeping them all at the top of the tank in a 2x18x18.
  10. They drop on and off the AI list pretty often, so they should be pretty available for now at least. Not sure whats going to happen once they run out of stock that came in before the new laws. I hope they continue to bring in all sorts of nice fish personally! They are not too expensive for such a nice and uncommon fish. Can't remember exactly how much I paid for mine but I think it was like about $20 each. They were all about 3-4cm in size.
  11. I have 6 at the moment, but no pairing or spawns yet Have a dominant male, sub male, and 2-3 females. The final is still too small. They are on the AI list at the moment though if anyone is keen on them
  12. MTS seem to have all been killed by a dose or two of kusuri wormer plus in my tanks... All i see is a LOT of shells. havn't seen a live snail on the glass since dosing... Hope that helps! I didn't pull the snails out, they just came to the sand surface and died I think? I have a heavily planted tank though and never saw any ammonia/nitrite (or nitrate actually) rise.
  13. Killifish Australia facebook group is your best bet for anything killie IMO. As above, it is run by Serkan. I'd honestly say serkan alone has pretty close to the 30 species mentioned above. He keeps quite a few different species but not all are actively bred at the same time. There is also a bloke in Syndey who has some of the annuals and non annuals too. Eggs can't be shipped in from overseas as far as I am aware due to not being able to ID what type of fish it actually is going to hatch out into. I think most (except annuals) are actually legal imports so shouldn't have issues getting them in, just have to find a source unfortunately. Love killies Very nice fish with plenty of nice types.
  14. Only one way to found out if she's keen or not!! Fish will love you for it at least right? haha.
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