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  1. Yes [MENTION=204]mbunamad[/MENTION], I told the surgeon to be creative and that straight lines were so 2005.
  2. These little guys are 2 weeks old tomorrow finally we got babies. Thank you all for the support. I managed to catch and separate 12 fry. Sorry for my absence of late. I got a promotion just before I had surgery and its been hectic. I'm still operating 1 handed - long slow recovery. 1 month into it - at least 3 more to go.
  3. Thanks Donny. Good point on shredded plants that is probably likely knowing my luck Thank you for the words of wisdom.
  4. I fed my fish this morning and have 2 holding females they've had many attempts and spat lots, but one of the girls is really fat under the chin. I thought my fish were being neglected, due to my recent surgery I'm not meddling with their tank and testing water constantly as usual and just feeding them. I'm so happy right now. Due to my right hand being out of action I can't catch the girls. Will putting some elodea in the tank help the fry survive if tbe girls hold them for the duration?
  5. You gotta start somewhere. Hopefully it's a sign of good things to come.
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  7. Hi [MENTION=15836]Snooze[/MENTION]. From my experience live bearers can hold their fry for 4 weeks or longer if they aren't happy with the water conditions. I would move her to a breeding tank or put a breeding net in the tank if you are wanting to keep/raise the fry just before this time. Put some weed in there in case she gives birth while you're not there and move her out as soon as possible after she's had them. If you have really good plant coverage and not concerned about raising the fry leave her in the main tank. Some will be eaten but some will also survive.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. We should be identifying the skill sets of members beyond fish keeping and utilising this in the operation of QLDAF and seeing if those members can contribute more. For example my skill set/training/employment is around club governance, event management, sponsorship, contracts etc. I'm not vying to become a mod I don't know enough about fish keeping, but if a mod had a question about one of these items would they know who I was and what I do for a living? Would they know they could come to me and ask for advice if it was needed? No they wouldn't so it's not entirely their fault - as members we should try to be more helpful and supportive. I'm going to start a thread on what we do for a living and see if this assists the mods and members in some of these areas.
  10. As for club governance the likes of succession planning, marketing, sponsorship etc. if you've been involved in sporting clubs you'll know these are some of the harder things to get done between daily operations and trying to ensure you operate within the legal confines of the business type eg me not naming and shaming a business. The times are changing and QLDAF should be setup paperwork wise with all the plans, but how many people are mods or on the committee? What are the difficulties faced? Does anyone actually complaining about QLDAF actually understand the complexities and if so are they putting their hand up to help? It's not a simple operation by any means but it's free for us. We don't have to pay to become members so a few issues aren't really that bad.
  11. QLDAF crashed on my phone and I had a massive post. I'm using forum runner now so it'll be across a couple of posts due to typing 3 paragraphs and then not being able to see what I write... I deal with a fair bit of sponsorship and always recommend to sponsors that instead of having giveaways and free stuff to look at purchase before x date for a y% discount or a gift voucher for a small amount. This stops the freeby chasers from nabbing stuff and provides additional business opportunity for the sponsor. The person will spend the time shopping in store or online if the discount is good. I'm not saying 10% off purchases isn't good. I'm recommending that possibly instead of asking sponsors to do more free stuff we give them other opportunities. The economic climate is hard and we need to understand that.
  12. You'll fit right in on the ban the person above you thread and the last letter first letter thread. Just be aware that it's slightly mildly addictive.
  13. It's all cleared up today. I wa nervous about turning the fish tank light on this afternoon but when I did the water is perfect and the White has nearly all cleared up. Thank you.
  14. Town water, blue dolphin cichlids and a water conditioner and lake buffer. Temp is 25 degrees.
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