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  1. Thanks for the input guys, yeah about the plants grandma bought them so felt really bud if i didnt use them hence theyre sitting at the back
  2. Hey guys, So this is my first attempt at scapeing what do you guys think, are there any tips or tricks to scapeing and i also have larger rocks but am afraid of shucking them in and breaking the glass is there a certain weight of rock i shouldn't be chucking in thanks. to see pics go to dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sc/y8jon54gnzr7r2m/AAAd5rUP197ScgDH-td-7m5va
  3. Hey [MENTION=3878]pk333[/MENTION] I cycled my tank using api quickstart recomended by the A.O.A worked a charm no issues so far its been 2 months Thanks for the advice guys my tank just seems really bare and empty ...
  4. Hey guys Im totally new to all of this im new to the forum and new to the hobby i got a 240Gal as a gift and have cycled the tank i have 1 25ish cm Pleco and also 2 baby flowerhorns about 3-5cms. My question is can i have other fish in the tank with my flowerhorns ive read everywhere that "most" wouldn't even dare but there are the odd people with a thriving community. what could i put in the tank for the best possible chance of survival. Any and all help and advice is appriciated. thanks.
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