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  5. here is what i have i am a native newbie . threadin rainbows and black swan ck orantes, they are beautiful fish not only on the eye but peaceful nature . i had threadfins first then added ornates they schooled right away beautiful to watch . I have pacific blue eyes from a local creek here also they are in quarantine atm . Support the locals i say and thanx to the guys on here for all ur help .
  6. hi mate i cant help you with locations to collect rainbowrunner is the one to chat too , there are threads in the native forums with heaps of info, they go collecting together so u will be sweet there in brissy. He has a good page with all info of fish he has also some great you tube vids . there is a guy near me that has ornates i will ask him what he has and get back to you . I have recently set up a native tank my first one of many i hope ( good by cichlids ) . I have black swan creek ornatus , threadfin rainbows and pacific blue eyes which i caught from local creek near me . here are some pics hope you enjoy . the pacific blue eyes are still in quarantine tank they are a beautiful species also small peacefull when i add them i will post some pics
  7. gday m8 welcome ,try the aus native section in the forums [MENTION=15639]davidjewitt93[/MENTION] . nice selection of fish you must have a cracker of a tank .
  8. i have a 4 ft twin t5 used in bundy 20 bucks thought i jump on wagon too in the welcome room
  9. beautiful mate Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. thanks [MENTION=13458]PeterH[/MENTION] i am getting a old 2ft to have as quarantine i started with one tank now it will be four silly me just banged the first lot in the tank after i equalized them with my tank water and no salt in bucket when i caught them rookie mistake . Luckily my threadfinns seem ok i am still bit nervous about them though , rainbowrunner on his utube vid says 5g/ lt another fella said 2g per lt . thanks for the help . happy easter
  11. bit like aquariums u can read all the facts but what u do when u get it home is entirely up to you . yes it says to test case in water before putting ur phone in to find if there is a fault common sense really, and i guess they are covering themselves by stating the fact from stupidity , i have had mine in water heaps no probs at all , perfect footage, my phone is still like brand new and thats entirely from the case, dust proof water proof drop proof , perfect combo, downside the headphone jack is a pain , other than that they are great had mine since they came out for iphone 4s few yrs now.
  12. If you have a smart phone , u can get lifeproof case fully waterproof, i have one for my iphone works well , also heaps of attachments available for mounting, i use it on my boat , also mount to a pole for underwater shots , lot cheaper than buying go pro which are really good but expensive
  13. Hi i want to know what u need to do to add wild caught to a tank , rainbow runners youtube vid says add salt to bucket to stop fin rot & parasites, how long do they need to be kept there? my first attempt did not fair well fin rot with 24 hrs some even quicker than that, is it common for this to happen , wild fish to have parasites? ?
  14. Sorry is this fishkeepers anonymous? i have just broken the golden rule no pics of members .Ok everyone although the features are quite similar that IS NOT [MENTION=13611]Heintz.G[/MENTION] middle front as u can see from baby photo no resemblance at all. i just did it again didn't i sorry
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