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  1. Thanks for the offer mate but there's nothing except the uarus they all would be eaten I'm afraid
  2. Just finished setting up my freshwater aquarium just wanted some ideas. I have 2 peacock bass 1 poleni and 2 plecos a fine line and a common I thinking about getting rid of the plecos. Either emptying everything out and starting again or adding some 2 or 3 more fish if you have any ideas let me know thank you
  3. Thank you Gavin will be sure to check them out
  4. Hey guys I would just like to ask for som suggestions for lighting for my new tank I would prefer if the lights were hanging any suggestions would be appreciated thanks guys
  5. Did I say lyllie no because you might be quite good at it I'm just saying there some stupid keepers out there
  6. Hey hey hey we are all entitled to our own opinion I don't know or care much for the hydras it's just and opinion chill out
  7. I wasn't gonna comment but here it comes I fell the hydras are for the rookies who have no idea what they are doing but think they do i dunno I only work here
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