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  1. That's a tough one - I'd be interested myself. On reading some time back, there was a suggestion that the plants don't like the water - the base dies off and they float somewhere else. From Tom Barr I think but a while back and was just glancing over posts. It might have been the plants adjusting. Is the new growth in your tank water fine? Also are you dosing any glut? Generally I find lower leaves drop off, stems are weedy and no sideways growth if low light / low ferts / low CO2 but stem will still persist. Has to really hate something in water to rot out (assuming not squashed on planting but ambulia should do well generally). Anyways not much help I'm afraid.
  2. This weekend in the fishroom

    Lol - did that at Xmas when a seal on the canister filter failed. Kind of regretted the wood tank stand surrounded by wood bookcases at that point.
  3. Hello

    Welcome [emoji4] Just angelfish and rams here is closest I've got.
  4. Pinkowski peacock!!

  5. Introduction

  6. Delapool's 150 gallon tank

    One of the flowers. Seems to have survived the water change (they seem to hate those). I've left this one as it found a gap by itself in the tank covers. It gets even weirder as once one stem finds a gap, the rest will follow (maybe I'm over-reading it).
  7. LED lighting African Cichlid Tank

    And cheaper on bulbs too (although still like t5's). Good features on the fluval?
  8. I had found my mollies did better at higher gh. My tap water is soft so it seemed there was a link. I was changing other parts of tank at same time but this seemed to possibly be a link.
  9. Fossorochromis Rostratus

    Wow - nice fish!
  10. Delapool's 150 gallon tank

    Experimenting with loading photos to Tapatalk rather than photobucket. No idea if there is a limit. Sorry, this has too much light. I'd love to have the hood back on the tank but too much work taking on/off.
  11. Hi from Brisbane...

  12. Largest clutch of eggs

    I think I only ever got 20 or 30 but survivors in a community tank so can't complain.
  13. Another Newbie