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  1. 4x3x2 Reefy tank

    Thanks! Each week I think I must check the FW planted tank but never get around to it...
  2. 4x3x2 Reefy tank

    Just out of interest - is it a lot of work (if any), with water testing and what test kits are best to use if you do?
  3. hello

  4. sick cichlids

    I agree - need to post the exact readings and what was used to take them. It’s a locked room mystery - very hard sometimes and got to start with all details even though I know hard on posters, else people struggle to help. The readings may point to something although generally eg tap water should be stable.
  5. What sort of algae is this???

    Would be my guess as well - I’ve included a link but found it grows in high/low flow or CO2. High (blue) light definitely makes it more prevalent. Looks quite nice, if you like it - just like a plant. Liquid carbon (glut) tank dosing will kill it off over time. I found double dosing worked but have to reduce lights as well. Also spot treating with H2O2 (be very careful near/ on fine leaf plants). And bleaching stuff in a bucket. http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk/algae.htm
  6. sick fish

    Nothing else in water to cause issues? Eg ammonia, fine filter floss.
  7. Hi, When I had my planted tank running properly I was dosing nitrates to stop them going to 0. Even then it was around 5 to 10ppm. I ran filters but rarely changed.
  8. Delapool's 150 gallon tank

    Sharing a wafer with the bn catfish ... erm, not my fault they can’t see me tucked way over here under driftwood at back of tank ...
  9. Great news! Came good by himself or you think something you did helped?
  10. Delapool's 150 gallon tank

    I see I haven’t updated this for a bit Shifted house, just missed cracking tank edge getting out door but got it set up again. Very simple setup in a rental.
  11. Delapool's 150 gallon tank

    Almost suspect it’s the same culprit each week. And egged on by his/her mates outside the gravel vac. On the good news side starting to get the water changes sorted. And still tempting to swap substrate out over Easter.
  12. Co2 Reg - Solinoid Options AUS?

    Good - this one connects to a ph probe and has been going well for several years. Only big issue is no needle valve on it so basically breathe on valve to change flow rate unfortunately. I picked up a splitter from UK (CO2 art I think) and that has needle valves for both so much easier.
  13. Co2 Reg - Solinoid Options AUS?

    Pretty sure the one I got at the lfs in Perth is an ISTA.