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  1. Main tank has been fairly quiet. Little shrimp tank of ninja shrimp plodding along. And the other tank with one guppy now has some yellow phantom tetras that have settled in well and busy keeping each other line.
  2. Well just done water change so seemed possible - phosphate 0.5ppm and nitrates 5ppm. Will have to grab more test kits.
  3. Hmmm, lots of expired test kits. Phosphate expired back in 2016!! Oops...
  4. Merry Christmas [emoji319] everyone May Santa bring you something for your fish tanks!
  5. So switching off two bulbs has slowed down the GSA. No longer seeing so much on glass. Still debating on swapping to all pink bulbs. Aaaannd the bolbitis is pretty unhappy that I dosed a teaspoon of micro ferts to see if that made any difference to GSA. Lots of black tipped leaves. Anubias is all fine.
  6. Having two bulbs turned off seems to have slowed down the GSA on glass a little. Still tempted to swap to all pink bulbs but haven’t worked up the enthusiasm yet to find where I put them Sadly lost my male bn catfish of 7 years or so to old age. A cranky sod who put up with loaches stealing food from under him and was pretty entertaining.
  7. Glued the CO2 diffuser together and seems to be holding well. Darn near glued me to the fish tank as well. Thinking of swapping out some bulbs or just cutting back. The bolbitis is taking off again over the tank. Thinking of swapping to all pink bulbs. Still have LEDs in front to whiten up the look.
  8. Random thoughts - along with not trusting hoses to stay in tank when filling, watching the angelfish squabble when tank is filling near top can be crossed off bucket list...
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