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    Delapool got a reaction from Epicmitch in New here just saying hello   
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    Delapool reacted to mungor in Motoro Pups   
    Was pretty excited to witness my ray have pups for the first time and thought I'd share a vid and pic.
    Motoro Birth
    4 Boys & 2 Girls in total

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    Delapool got a reaction from jc12 in Delapool's 150 gallon tank   
    Merry Christmas everyone

    May Santa bring you something for your fish tanks!
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    Delapool got a reaction from Grover65k in Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou   
    Merry xmass!!
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    Delapool got a reaction from johnbetta in Removing multi cure stain from sand (malachite green methelyne blue)   
    Handy tip. Just need something for carpets
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    Delapool reacted to lilviss in Removing multi cure stain from sand (malachite green methelyne blue)   
    I wanted to share this because I didn't find it anywhere online.
    I bought caribsea super naturals crystal river sand, it wasn't cheap, and multicure stained it.
    I saturated the stained sand with a bleach solution and overnight it went back to white.
    It'll be hit with a super dose of prime once a day for a few days until the bleach smell goes away and then put back in the tank.
    Hopefully this helps someone.
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    Delapool reacted to Sephiroth in 800L Rainbow Display and Freshwater Pipefish   
    Hey all, recently moved and delving into the hobby a bit more, started the fish room under the new house and have about 12 ponds out back.
    I've got the bug again so i'm starting to upload videos again like i used to, have a looky if you like your Natives n such
    Also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PrecisionAquaticz/
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    Delapool reacted to Grover65k in Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou   
    GPG Feeding Time...
    This morning's feeding frenzy !
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    Delapool reacted to Goldie in Tank reno   
    I am not a DIY kinda person but I've always wanted a black-backed, tiled tank. Soooo I'm finally jumping in and doing it. It's going to be boring for many, but it's going to be a fancy goldfish display tank in my living room  5x2x2 dimensions.
    It was in pretty terrible condition since it's been sitting empty for about 6 months as I wait for inspiration to hit after a dropsy outbreak killed all of my beautiful babies. Worst aquarium nightmare I've been through so I was in no rush to setup again. 
    Here's the finished painted background (acrylic, 5 coats) and cleaned glass. Next step is tiles and fill, ready to cycle. I'm pretty impressed with how it has come out so far.

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    Delapool got a reaction from raycam01_au in 4x3x2 Reefy tank   
    Thanks! Each week I think I must check the FW planted tank but never get around to it...
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    Delapool reacted to raycam01_au in 4x3x2 Reefy tank   
    define lots of work, salt v freshwater, freshwater is a walk in the park, Depends also on what you want to achieve in Salt, its definitely a challenge and if your not onto your testing and parameters it could get nasty
    Test kits we use Salifert and Hanna
    I like Salifert
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    Delapool got a reaction from raycam01_au in 4x3x2 Reefy tank   
    Just out of interest - is it a lot of work (if any), with water testing and what test kits are best to use if you do?
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    Delapool got a reaction from MikeC90 in Delapool's 150 gallon tank   
    Latest tank shot (little messy). Starting to prune everything except the swords pretty regularly now. The bolbitis seems to be getting a little more height so just trying to tame it from spreading too much and burying the crypts.
    Did a graph of PAR decline and it came out at about 5% bulb decay per month. Since that was on all of three readings, did another PAR reading today and it spiked back up so I give up. I need a little selfie stick or something so I can set the PAR meter at a set distance under water but parked for moment.
    Just looking at pictures it seems to have filled in more. I've noticed the catfish starting to have to bash their way through the plants so think it is getting pretty well filled out at substrate.
    15th July

    5th June

    14th May.

    4th April.

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    Delapool reacted to frontosarus in Bulging eye   
    Spoke to age of aquariums and they said that because it come up over night that its more likely to be an injury than Popeye but I'm doing bulk water changes to get the ammonia down 
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    Delapool reacted to raycam01_au in Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN   
    well I will be damned, 
    SArah and I went out to buy a sexy little Goniopora and ended up buying something large like 8ft large
    pics to come, 
    far out
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    Delapool got a reaction from Eric A in Delapool's 150 gallon tank   
    Sharing a wafer with the bn catfish ... erm, not my fault they can’t see me tucked way over here under driftwood at back of tank ...

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    Delapool reacted to Farsie in Delapool's 150 gallon tank   
    I've just read through this thread - love the photos of your progress, Delapool! 
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    Delapool got a reaction from Sparks in Co2 Reg - Solinoid Options AUS?   
    Good - this one connects to a ph probe and has been going well for several years.
    Only big issue is no needle valve on it so basically breathe on valve to change flow rate unfortunately.
    I picked up a splitter from UK (CO2 art I think) and that has needle valves for both so much easier.
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    Delapool reacted to ageofaquariums in My fish are dying..what should I do next??   
    Sounds like some sort of sneaky disease.  Do the fish behave strangely before dieing? Do they go to the surface or sit on gravel?
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    Delapool reacted to inkevnito in Are Gumtree people subnormal ? or what   
    I havent had any bad experiences personally, but i do love when i see overpriced sh*t on gumtree and still see it months later.. Perhaps their wife told them to sell up, so they bump the price so no one buys it?  
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    Delapool got a reaction from 5h4d0w in Delapool's 150 gallon tank   
    Ninja shrimp photos (the iPhone was struggling). Bit more colour and maybe some banding. Very tiny but very busy!

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    Delapool got a reaction from 5h4d0w in Delapool's 150 gallon tank   
    Java fern is still looking nice on the cut edges. Pretty happy so far. And enough pieces missed getting cut that it still looks somewhat natural.

    Quick water change today so I can clean up the stem plants. With a week off, I thought about shifting the bolbitis to poke out of the central plane ornament. Eventually decided that would take up too much room so it survives up the back another day (plus seems happy where it is).

    Also checking one of the heaters still works as couldn't see led light coming on.

    And a third flower has found a gap by growing along the outlet pipes, ducking under the inlet pipe and up the 1cm gap. Hid all videos of 'day of the triffids' just in case. Will see how they handle the water change - that's their kryptonite.
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    Delapool got a reaction from Huntsman in CO2 Reactors/Diffusers in large tanks   
    I found with a 4ft tank that having a CO2 outlet at one end wasn’t enough. Pearling was only going on for two thirds of tank. Added CO2 outlet at other end and doing a lot better.

    I’ve been happy with the CO2 probe cutoff as well. Much safer on fish but still managed to gas a few.
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    Delapool reacted to grubby in Are Gumtree people subnormal ? or what   
    Sorry, its a Native fish thing. If you don't go collecting in the wild it probably isn't that obvious.
    I am a member of ANGFA, one thing that is drummed into us on all collection trips is the importance of  avoiding bucket burn. Bucket burn is when you take fish from the wild and throw them into a bucket, they get stressed and they swim around and around the bucket glancing off the sides and scrapping away their slime coating.  Years of collecting experience amongst the members of ANGFA has found that you have a greater survival rate if you do the following instead.
    1 line your bucket with a black plastic bin liner, then fill with water from the creek you are collecting. Add a tablespoon of salt for hygiene reasons. Aerate the water with a battery powered aerator and place bucket in the shade away from the sun.
    2. When you catch fish, put them in the lined bucket. When you are leaving either tie up the bag like you would a plastic fish bag or transfer into clear plastic bags and use the black plastic bag to transport the fish home. Darkness is good, its stops them getting stressed.
    The same logic should apply to transporting fish that you buy from another hobbyist. Don't use a bucket,  put your clear plastic bags inside a dark bag like a woolies grey plastic bag. If you notice when you buy fish from an Aquarium, if its any good, they will put your purchase in a dark plastic carry bag to take home.
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    Delapool reacted to The Tech Den in Get this into ya.........   
    Bugger, I don't know if you will see again a opportunity like this, and just to name a few - 
    Cardinal Tetras for $2.25
    Rummynose Tetra $1.92
    L-Number Catfish from $17.48
    Rare Argentea from $45.00
    Psitticus Hoplarchus True Parrots that would be 10cm or bigger of $29.97
    Clown Loaches $7.97
    Black Venezuela Corys $12.48
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