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    New to the fish breeding world, starting with some africans and see where it takes me.
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  1. Thanks all for the info I will keep the colonys that i have all seperate for sure.
  2. Hi All, So I am still new to the Breeding game and find myself asking the question what fish can go with what and not cross breed in a breeding tank? Currently have numerous colony but find myself running out of tank room wishing I could put other ones in but scared that they will breed with each other. Is there a list of fish that can go in the same tanks that wont breed with each other? May be a stupid post but hey I thought I would ask the questions. Thanks All...
  3. Hi All. This is one that I am completely stumped on, I have spoken to a mate and he has the same problem by the sounds of it but we both don't think it is normal. I have 3 pairs of bn and they have fry every months basically. I separate the father and the log into a fry tank when i find that the male is on eggs in his logs. What i am stumped with is how do i keep the fry alive, Basically Bn are the only things i cant seem to raise, Every batch there is tonnes of baby's and they all only last a few days after coming out of the logs. From every batch i am lucky to get 10% that would survive after the 2 cm mark and the rest seem to drop off before then. They are on a sumped rack so when i put the log into the new tank they are never exposed to no water or water changes, there are other fish in the rack that i raise from fry but it seems the only thing I can't get good success with is BN... They are fed and algae wafers, there water conditions are all great and I cant seem to work it out? I would like to know has anyone else had these problems? what is the best way to curve this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks all and sorry for the stupid questions.
  4. Yeah Thats what i really want idealy, But trying to find one that way is proving to be difficult at the moment:( I dont really have the time or the patience (or really the know how) to make a stand and so on so i will just have to keep looking
  5. See that is what i was thinking, go with the base. Either way at the moment i still cant find a decent set up that i can use straight away without having to drill them Its always the way when your looking for one there is none, but when your not there is plenty.
  6. Hi all, I am looking into setting up/buying a new set up. I am wondering if people can tell me from any experience whether it is better having a bulkhead through the base of the tanks with a pipe to the water level you want, or if it is better to run a bulkhead of the rear/side of the tank at the water level? I Have been searching for a set up completely ready to go and cant find one but have an option to buy a couple different racks, one that isnt sumped at all (so i would need to set everything up) Or a rack that has the holes in the bases already, I would still need to plumb this set up and make a sump but really dont know what would be easier or if i would be happy with bases drilled??? Hopefully this makes sense
  7. awesome thanks heaps for everyones help, I have not checked the KH (to be honest never have and dont actually know what you mean) Plan on going into AOA tomorrow to have a chat and find out about that and also to buy some Macro pore now Cheers everyone for your help.
  8. Ok, I thought that the 2200 otto and that canister would be enough, I also have a wavemaker in the other end of the tank for circulation.
  9. The canister is only a small one, think it is either a 1200 or 1000 aqua one, Its running the STD media that they come with, Normally i clean it once per month, There is also an otto in the tank to.
  10. I am stuck with this though as the PH, Nitrate, Nitrite and ammonia is all normal. there is only a small peice of wood in the tank and nothing really else that could be leaching into the system.
  11. Thanks Heaps, Do you happen to know what the ammount i would need would be? I had a look at tech dens site to buy it and dont have a clue how much to buy
  12. Nitrite, Nitrate and ammonia all normal. The system has been running for around 1 1/2 months so far but used the water, filter, substrate and media from the original tank to set it up. There is only one peice of driftwood in that tank (very small bit to as i am not massively into wood in tanks) otherwise it is all the same ornaments that was in the old tank.
  13. Also maybe a stupid question but The previous tank to this one was an 8 x 2 x 1.8 and it never got cloudy water, I am still using the same water source, still using the same canister with same media,still the same substrate, still doing the same ammount of water changes. Would it be something to do with the fact that this aquarium is 3 foot tall? would it have something to do with the fact that this aquarium holds water? I just don't understand why the water looks cloudy in this but didn't in the previous tank
  14. Hi All, There may be a thread for this already so I am sorry if I am creating something that someone else has already asked. Anyway, My question's are, I have a 5x3x2 display tank and it always seems to be cloudy, firstly what are everyones thought about running macropore or purigen? I have friends that have said to run it in my canister to help but i have never bought any, dont know what ammount i would need, dont really know how to use it and so on. secondly is it neccessary? will it affect my fish (African Cichlids). Thirdly what is the best place to get it and what is it worth? Thanks heaps.
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