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    Mountain Bike riding, Camping, Fishing, Plastic Model Making, and last but not least Fish Keeping.
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  1. I could be barking up the wrong tree but could be internal parasites? Kisuri all-wormer is an anti parasite i have used and it worked well, certainly won't do any harm to treat the entire tank for worms anyway...
  2. These are True Siamese Algae Eater fyi, much better in my opinion the flying foxes and other any of the Chinese type sucker fish...
  3. No Longer For Sale
  4. nice work mate!, any idea on water volume it holds?
  5. Thanks @LD50ms222wobblyfish
  6. Interesting!! keep us posted................
  7. Yep ^^ Perspex is easy to work with, won't crack when drilled and is easily bent with a bit of heat...
  8. best i could find with a quick search of youtube:
  9. Rummy Noses in my understanding school nice and tightly
  10. Bump slightly negotiable on price.
  11. Selling my 2 Discus. Good healthy condition, recently been wormed, don't have the time to spend caring for their tank as much as I'd like any more and would prefer that they had some more discus to hang with so letting them go... No ideas on sex Blue Cobolt 10-12cm $80 Blue Turq 12-14cm $100 Pickup lismore/goonellabah Or for the right deal may be able to meet a bit further north...
  12. Theoretically anything you coat with a pond sealer, or similar aquarium safe sealer, will then be safe if it is allowed to cure properly, just make sure it is coated well so there are no gaps etc., (I say theoretically as i have never actually sealed anything, just going off advice i have been given in the past when i looked at doing something similar, but never ended up doing it :-) )