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    Mountain Bike riding, Camping, Fishing, Plastic Model Making, and last but not least Fish Keeping.
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  1. if only you were closer to lismore :-(
  2. those Corydoras are cool!!
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. I could be barking up the wrong tree but could be internal parasites? Kisuri all-wormer is an anti parasite i have used and it worked well, certainly won't do any harm to treat the entire tank for worms anyway...
  5. nice work mate!, any idea on water volume it holds?
  6. Interesting!! keep us posted................
  7. Yep ^^ Perspex is easy to work with, won't crack when drilled and is easily bent with a bit of heat...
  8. best i could find with a quick search of youtube:
  9. Rummy Noses in my understanding school nice and tightly
  10. Theoretically anything you coat with a pond sealer, or similar aquarium safe sealer, will then be safe if it is allowed to cure properly, just make sure it is coated well so there are no gaps etc., (I say theoretically as i have never actually sealed anything, just going off advice i have been given in the past when i looked at doing something similar, but never ended up doing it :-) )
  11. Nothing is wrong with normal heaters per say, the main reasons to use inline are for visual reasons and if you need to seal the tank for some reason... My reason is getting an eel and wanting to seal of my lids Completely... i have drilled my tank and will be running the canister through the bulkheads so wanting an inline heater so that there will be no cords running into the tank...
  12. they're gorgeous aren't they? I've got 2 breeding pairs and they are great little parents,
  13. Hey @zane, just wondering how your diy inline heater has gone? i'm looking at doing an inline heater connected to a canister too for an eel tank, My main concerns are leakage from around the head of the heater, and the heater overheating, due to the top of the heater potentially not getting much water flow, how did your Heyco cord grip go as far as leaks etc.? and have you had any overheating issues?
  14. ahhh bummer, woulda looked cool, its something a bit different that you don't see every day...