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  1. Gorgeous hey! from what i could find out on the interwebs, looks like they dont tend to get any bigger then 60cm, generally less in an aquarium it would seem
  2. do you dose your planted tank at all @Gillatine? if so then the water changes maybe need to be a bit higher, but if not then you do a heck of a lot more water changes then me lol, my tanks aren't as stocked but my water changes are more like 30% every 1-2months, so long as you are testing the water and keeping the quality good, stock to the level you feel comfortable with...
  3. I've used peat moss and Mopani wood before, how much was just trial and error for me its been awhile since i was playing around with it though so can't remember...
  4. Yep, as the others have stated, 6 or more is preferred with Discus for that reason, either that or keep pairs only...
  5. bump
  6. If you are only wanting "viewing lighting" they work ok, so for africans they are probably fine, they dont work well at all though for plants...
  7. 1x Large Female Angelfish - Pure Black Was in a breeding pair till the male jumped out of the tank overnight... not 100% sure on what she is worth on her own :-( $15? make an offer. Pickup Goonellabah or Lismore or may be able to meet further up the cost if the price is right.
  8. Interesting, but wouldn't soaking the corals in a bleach solution kill them?
  9. Right so i'm not going crazy lol
  10. How the heck does Coral and water cause a reaction? I've never kept a reef tank, so I am honestly not sure how that would have any impact at all? aren't corals meant to be in water? someone please explain this to me :-/
  11. I will have my setup for sale soon, its nothing pretty but it works and will be going fairly cheap... its got 6x 75x40x40 tanks and a 90x35x35 sump, pm me if you're interested at all,
  12. if only you were closer to lismore :-(
  13. those Corydoras are cool!!
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  15. I could be barking up the wrong tree but could be internal parasites? Kisuri all-wormer is an anti parasite i have used and it worked well, certainly won't do any harm to treat the entire tank for worms anyway...