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    I'v been living with mts (multiple tank syndrome )😂 for 10 year's
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  1. Hey everyone just need a question answered I'm looking to trade my nano for a co2 pro kit with a 0.82ltr bottle where is the best place to get it refilled and how much? As close to forest lake would be great. TIA
  2. Thanks for the link just a quick question do you think the 150 cm leds would be able to light up a 6x2x2 tank even though it's 5ft. And do I need a code for the discount thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the info i appreciate your input and I'm going to have a look at this option.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Are they going a easter long weekend special offers or was it for one day because l'm in nsw out the moment .
  5. Hi just looking for advice on where is the best place to buy lighting in Brisbane or am I going to find a bargain online . I have a 6x2x2 African tank I'm looking to light and I'm trying to keep costs down i would like led but t5 are okay as well. I was also wondering is it cheaper to buy 2 3ft lights rather than a 6ft one any help would be appreciated thanks.
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