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  1. Slipshodman

    Micmol Aqua Air 1200

    No one has any experience with these or knowledge ?
  2. Slipshodman

    Aquael Glossy Tanks

    Sorry i cant really help @gingerbeer I don't have first hand experience, i did some googling on them though and they do seem pretty good What size are you looking at ?
  3. Hi @7ATE9 I am looking for something similar as well I am looking at either the Fluval Planted 3.0 or the Fluval aquasky 2.0, both fully programmable via Bluetooth on your phone (I need waterproof lights as they go in a hood) A few reviews complain about the shortness of the timing for sunrise and sunset, but hopefully with App upgrades Fluval may sort that out I haven't found anywhere that sells the Aquasky 2.0 in Aus yet though as everyone only stock the original version which doesn't have the Bluetooth (app)control but a fluval control So I am looking at the Fluval planted 3.0 and hoping they will make upgrades to the app But you wont find it in your price range Good luck
  4. Slipshodman

    new guy

    welcome here and back to the hobby @markt86
  5. Slipshodman

    tons of java moss nth gold coast

    Hi @thatguy007 Make sure you pop this in the "Plant Trader section" Go to the home page and the trader sections are down near the bottom Apart from that Welcome to QLDAF
  6. Slipshodman

    Micmol Aqua Air 1200

    Hi All, I cam across this light at an LFS and wondered does anyone use/have knowledge of them. Any comment appreciated Cheers
  7. Slipshodman

    Plant id please

    I would have said duckweed for the area in red, not sure about your first pic though
  8. Slipshodman

    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    hiya @Grover65k I am the guilty party that started the other thread because i wanted to give it a go and knew nothing of it ... But I am a New South Welshman ... not from that funny place SA It does work to clear up the water and only takes a few days to do so and stays that way for some weeks, my ponds are chained together and probably total 2500 Ltrs ish max so a littel smaller that teh "Grande Olde Billabong" but i must state ....I do not have any fish in my ponds, i do have waterdragons and frogs though and they have not been effected But once you start you cant stop otherwise it goes back to a green boggy mess the guys at AOA stated in the other thread Cheers
  9. Hi all, I have blown a few lights/globes in two of my tanks, they are "6ft aqua one" and a "4ft Fluval" tank, both have the built in lights in the tank top cover and both have at least one blown globe. There are no glass tops in these tanks so it seems that moisture gets into the lighting and destroys it, i am sure that is probably a common problem. They are all the T8 style with supposedly waterproof fittings, who knows, it could be the ballast or something that actually goes on these but i am sure its moisture related ... I had used an normal 4ft led light from Blue Planet (i think it was Blue Planet anyway) on the 4ft Fluval in the cover (after the built in globes went) but moisture got to that too and stuffed it up. So what i am after is ideas on actual waterproof LED lighting , i dont want to go down the path of "Make My Led's" as i want to stay away from tubes of any sort and hopefully just go with complete waterproof units from a store, i f i need to i will fit a couple of braces to hold the lighting under the hood/cover if i need to Any ideas will be appreciated This isn't my tank but give you the idea of what i am talking about if you don't know the type Cheers
  10. Slipshodman

    5ft marine tank 4 sale

    Last deal with the devil ? last boat ? or last tank ?........... s Sad to see you leave the hobby @tdj5 Deal with the devil, I don't think so , she has just offered you have the biggest pond possible , with all the stock you could ever want, and you never have to clean or do a water change. I might sell my tanks and by a boat too...........
  11. Slipshodman

    Water Quality

    @Goughy You have received some good advice here from the other members, water changes are the key and ensuring that the water you are putting into your tank is clean is very important Once you have a good schedule with water changes and your tank is established and settled it will become easier and less stressful. Keep up the water changes, chose a schedule you can keep
  12. Slipshodman

    Diy sponge media

    personally Freddy i wouldn't risk something from a cheapo shop, you have no idea what chemicals lie within. A lot of sponges etc have antibacterials which will not be very good for your fish The sites sponsors have pretty good prices, i would suggest just buying from them either online or in store (you get 10% off being a QLDAF member)
  13. Slipshodman


  14. Hard to tell in those pics, But your test results are strange to be honest, You will basically always have some nitrate showing, it is the byproduct of your biological filtering and only really gets removed by water changes , so my first question is How did you test ? what test kit are you using ? can you please perform the tests again and post the results i remember i had something similar many years ago with Koi when i was learning ( and i do mean many years ago) and my nitrates where through the roof and caused infection which lifted scales but early on it looked like a lump before i could see the scales lifting, point being please test again., particularly the Nitrate test