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  1. Thanks for everyone's ideas, 200 tanks at 12 years old, you are a legend of the hobby
  2. Hi All, I am local to the Penrith/Blue Mountains area NSW. Just wondering where you get egg crate for tank dividers, or any DYI tips to make you own with other bits and pieces or other alternatives as dividers. (none of my LFS have egg crate) The tanks are up and running so I cant silicon in perspex, glass and want to be able to take them in/out reasonably easily (and need to do a custom fit on a half round tank as well) Thanks in advance Cheers
  3. Hey, Thinking of a 1 fish tank but was wondering opinions on what is the smartest aquarium fish, i have read some stuff suggesting Oscars may be the smartest but wanted to hear other peoples opinions
  4. Mick , that was a quick vid...lol.. Sorry i cant help with your question but the leichardti is an awesome fish and sometime down the track I will dedicate a tank to one
  5. interested how this works out, I have used Devils Ivy a few times, never really noticed how much it helped But a sweet potato, never heard of that before, Good luck
  6. thank you @aquaholic99 for sharing this knowledge, I really appreciate the time you have taken putting this down in print I am still taking it all in and working out how i might apply some of this to my garage set up Thanks again
  7. Cold in the Blue Mountains as well, lucky I am down on the lower mountains as up top got to 3 or something silly like that, for me the low has been 5 I think I run heaters all year round, tanks between 24-27, never really bothered trying to tweak them to perfection lol. I set the heater and it is what it is, I check the temp every week or so to make sure the heaters are working but always keeping a watchful eye for the red or orange glow of the LED indicator I figure it costs bugga all if the heater doesn't need to kick in when its warmer weather, the element I assume is the bigger running cost than a thermostat so no big deal
  8. I think i see the problem @Grover65k A very large BBF v's a small strainer for scoria , not a fair match up at all.... Save your back and think bigger on the cleaning process Start with an old washing machine, Add Stones, well in this case Scoria . And run , can even chuck in a pair of jeans to get that stone washed look like this guy... Wash till machine carks it and start again at step one, find another old washing machine ...and so on Good luck ***Beware if you use someone else's washing machine, I think there may be hell to pay
  9. Hi @aquaholic99 Love to see a diagram (explanation) of this if you ever have the time, mainly around the flood drain auto siphon. (side note: thank you for always sharing your experience) P.S. Love ya work Grover, so glad you are back tinkering around the billabong. love the read Cheers
  10. Thanks mate Unfortunately what ever it was progressed so quickly overnight the growth swelled so large it blocked his whole mouth and he was dead this morning
  11. Hi All, Just after some advice, I have a Texas with a growth on his mouth, literally started as a red spot about a week ago, I though he had been playing lip lock with his mate as they were just about to spawn. In the last 7 days the growth has gained in size substantially and is now on top and bottom lip, I have done 2 x 60% water changes in the last week (first step make sure the water is in good shape) and yesterday treated the whole tank with Tri-Sulfa as if it is bacterial i may have a shot at slowing it down, but this morning seems worse again. I know they can be susceptible to fatty deposits like little pimples but this is way more than that, i assume if i cant stop the growth at this rate within a few more days he wont be able to eat and then just a matter of time till death. I don't think my LFS is even open at the moment to get any other meds so would have to get them online and wait till they arrive which even if i ordered today would be next week at the earliest I haven't tried to remove him and dont want to unless absolutely necessary as it will cause chaos and stress in the tank, all other fish 100% normal (notes: 6 ft tank 570ltr, FX6 canister, two large sponge filters, 2 Texas (pair), 3 severum, large pleco and 7 peacocks (yeah i know its mixed American/African..lol...), water changes minimum every second week (usually weekly) of about 60-70%) Any assistance/advice would be appreciated (pics are from this morning) Cheers
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Giddee Up How good is all of that .... Well said , Sydney dam numbers have cracked 70%, I don't care if they leave water restrictions on for a bit though till be get it even higher Glad you figured out your password @aquaholic99.. need all the experience and action on here as we can get HGIT !
  14. welcome back Pretty quite on here nowadays, a lot more Stalking than Talking .... unfortunately
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