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  1. I know i haven't been active on here much recently but i do need some advice I need to cut back to one tank for a couple of months (currently 4) I intend on putting all fish into my 6x2x2... currently holding 1 sev, 9 texas, 1 pleco, a convict and 3 BN's, total fish after 5 severums (2 female, 3 male) 3 - 5 inch in size 12 Texas (no pairs) 2-7 inch 2 plecos , 1 8 inch , the other about 12-14 1 convict female 3 x BN's and about 12 mixed peacocks i know its a lot but will run my FX6 and Nautalis 2700 on th tank and i only have to sustain it over the next couple of months and then will reset up the other 3 tanks My question is should i have a lot of decor to give plenty of hiding spots or the reverse, little decor so no territories to defend I can add plenty of wood rock etc but i though with that many fish leaving no territories may be better I appreciate your thoughts And I dont want to get rid of any fish , they all will have there own tanks again soon enough
  2. Common Pleco Bloat

    Hi @Gilbaisland Not really experienced yet seeing no one has offered any help , i have had issue in the past with diets to high in protein causing some bloating (more constipation) in a pleco I would suggest vegetables (zuchini would be my preference) to see if it helps getting the process moving along Cheers
  3. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    The billabong flag will need to be set at half mast RIP Goldie
  4. Sad, but seems to be a sign of the hobby in some areas Maybe its where Facebook, Gumtree and the like effect the hobby by making transactions over the net , not so much face to face
  5. Loungerooms are for tanks right?

    Lounge rooms are for tanks, and hallways ...and bedrooms... and garages ..... Nice set ups Ray
  6. Bulging eye

    oh and pop eye is generally a symptom of another issue not a cause
  7. Bulging eye

    I think your ammonia/nitrate is your problem mate Something has mini cycled your tank Solid water changes (maybe 50% per day over the next few days will sort it out)
  8. Bulging eye

    Do you have test kits, Check your water parameters , your nitrates might be up When was your last water change...? I would go with a couple of large water changes in a row over the next couple of days and i would expect it will shrink back down on its own Let us know your results of your tests = Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate That will help us identify if something else is the issue Cheers
  9. Thanks for the feedback @joller , i may do it just for the sake of it if I can find the time I was thinking something like this, quite cheap and i am reasonably savvy with electrical Its the software i am thinking may be harder to find, i know this particular board comes with its own but i think i would want to get more out of it 8-Channel-MICRO-USB-RELAY-MODULE-Upper-Computer
  10. Hi all This may just be the stupidest idea but thought i would ask I have a second hand slim style PC at home, i can do any hardware and software changes needed I was considering if a pc could be set up like a Neptune Apex controller of sorts ? Has anyone tried ? Should be able to rig lighting and heating at a minimum at very minimal costs and should be able to run over multiple tanks I assume software may be a bigger issue but surely larger aquariums (like small public aquariums) would use something that was customized for them Just putting it out there Thoughts ? Is it possible ? Would it even be worth it to try ?
  11. Holy crap it's grum

    I don't know you guys but look forward to more activity on the site It needs it
  12. SPAM SPAM SPAM Don't click the link
  13. So .....I have a 6x2x2 running with an FX6 , fake plants, some large river rock, wood and about an 1 & 1/2 inch of sand good size grain sand... not the fine stuff I have a second internal filter for water clarity and two wave makers to keep things moving around to get the gunk to go to the filter intake 50% Water change every fortnight at the least and i vacuum at the time as best i can Inhabitants are a sailfin pleco, one female convict, a gold Severum and 11 Carpintis ranging in size from 1 inch to 6 inch I have always had a bit of trouble keeping the sand real clean as when vacuuming it is a balance between sucking up the gunk and not sucking up the sand, as i said the sand is not fine but large grain sand http://klorman-industries.com/pool-magic/product/blue-circle-filter-sand/So i got myself the vacuum set up for the FX6 , this is even more troublesome when it comes to sucking up sand as it is going straight back into the filter , so i haven't really been able to use it as turning it down makes it too week and turning it up sucks the sand into the filter....https://www.practicalfishkeeping.co...les/2016/11/17/review-fluval-fx-gravel-vacuumYes i know it has a tank to filter before going into the Fx6 but this just got filled up with sand real quick So yesterday i had had enough... "Stuff it, i am getting all the sand out"So i started to use a siphon hose and sucked the sand (and water) into a buck (over and over again) till i got 75% of it out. Just tipped the water out and then the sand into a huge bucket As i went along I removed the river rock, wood and plants as wellEvery buckets water was brown..... the amount of crap stuck in the sand must have been huge The poor fish must have been living in Sh#t soup ... all readings were ok with Nitrate only at around the 20ppm mark before i started to remove the sand So for me ...THAT"S IT, NO MORE SAND, the 6x2x2 will either stay bare bottom for a while of i will put in some gravel, i have two other tanks with sand, so next weekend i will finish off the sand in the 6x2x2 and start on the removal of sand from other two tanks So some advice please If i stay bare bottom are the rocks an issue putting them directly on glass ? Will it effect the fish having no sand to dig/play in ? If i cant put the amount of rock work back in and the tank stays more open will aggression be an issue as there will be minimal hiding spaces ? And happy to hear any other comments about sand substrate why you do or don't use Or any other types of issues with substrate Rant over....Cheers
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  15. Lake Malawi African Peacock Tank

    Very very nice