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  1. Thanks @none , no salt to the tank (but i will add some tonight) Its just a pity i cant do anything more for him but wait and see I hope all is well after TC "Debbie" Matt, sorry i didn't realise you were affected Cheers
  2. I have used iron bark in the past, off cuts from a load of fire wood. I boiled all pieces for a couple of hours to get rid of any baddies and it sank quite quickly but i think that was due to how dense it was But i couldn't stop the tannin leaching, its was seriously strong so i pulled it back out
  3. @Alibi - If i can land a pellet close to him he will swim (well kinda swim) to get it , i moved the hollow log that he has called home for the last couple of weeks to the smaller tank It took him a while to find it as when i put him in the smaller tank he just lay half on his side in one corner (to be honest i thought he might be gone then) but next day he was in the log where he has stayed since @aquaholic99 - thanks for the advice, no rapid temperature change has occurred so can only consider he has injured himself although nothing physically noticeable externally on his body. I will just keep watching him and making sure he gets a pellet everyday and hope he comes good. If there is anything else i could do for him please let me know. Cheers
  4. i have googled and on average i am looking at 1x tablespoon per 10 ltr of water in the bucket for 15 minute bath i will be going with that unless told otherwise Cheers Addition: So i went with the bath as above, he is quite lethargic , it didnt help and he is now in a smaller tank with his misses as she stressed when he wasn't there he really seems like his body is too heavy to swim with ..not sure what to do next
  5. Hi All, I have a 300 ltr tank with a pair of Convicts , the male is large about 18cm long. ph7.0, Ammo 0, Nitrate 0, Nitrate about 10 ish (due a WC this weekend) The last 3 weeks he has not got off the bottom of the tank, the female swims around fine with no issue I have continued water changes as normal every second week about 50%, the first week i treated with Tri-Sulfa just in case it was bacterial or something. Anyway as i said three weeks on and all he does in lay at an angle in a hollow log on the bottom, occasionally he has a short swim but its like he has lead in his belly and cant really get off the bottom and almost drags his belly along the sand. So i was going to try a Epsom salt bath considering it could be constipation ... i Had been given some food from the LFS by their suggestion and since i have had a look its basically protien . So for a couple of weeks prior to this issue thats all he got fed, stupid i know i should have mixed it up. Anyway , what rate should i have the epsom salt bath , i assume tank water plus ? epsom salt @none @aquaholic99 , or anyone else, you advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  6. Thanks @none I was able to catch him out yesterday arvo, the one eye fuzzed out was an advantage as he didn't see me coming with the net, nice and quick I have him in a 30cm cube with heater and established sponge and i treated with Tri-Sulfa last night (double dose), i will add some salt when i get home today (How Much, tanks only 3 part full so about 20 ltr ?, could you PM advice please ) Nil feed yesterday but will give him a grain or 2 of NLS tonight and just keep an eye (no pun intended) on him for the next couple of days. Then WC 50% and treat again Saturday if not cleared up and keep my fingers crossed Once again appreciate the advice mate Cheers
  7. I should add Ammo- 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 5-10 max , last wc 33% on sat (about 1/3 wc every week) ph 7.8 Just flooked it and caught him in a net so will set up small 25ltr tank for treatment but should i still treat whole tank as well ? I have an established spongie ready to go ? Actually i have Blue Planet Multi Cure & Blue Planet Tri-Sulfa as options at home but can get other if better suited Thanks in advance for advice Cheers
  8. Help please One fish on 6x2x2 with a fuzzy eye (see pics) its only come up over the last 2-3 days. I assume it damaged it on a rock or someone had a go at him. i don't think i will be able to catch it out of the tank with the drift wood etc so full tank treatment ? With what , or should i strip the tank to get it out (massive job) to avoid any other fish getting infected i have Tri-sulfa ready to go if that is my answer Cheers
  9. Had a male a while ago that after a spawn got to wrigglers he decided to go nuts and started killing off everything in the tank he could including his partner Gave him to the LFS who popped him in a 4ft display with other Angels and Discuss etc, all where bigger then him but he had them cornered up one end of the tank within the hour Nastiest Angel i have ever seen
  10. Hey @SaltyPlum i used exactly that stuff from the local pool shop, i haven't had any drama with it, i have mixed cichlids in my tank wit a couple of pleco's. The only thing i could warn you of is that its not really a smooth sand like river sand, the grains are quite sharp, i have no idea if that could be an issue with rays It has not been an issue with any of my fish, peacocks, pleco etc always sifting through it, spitting it out. Only other comment is that its yellower than some of the other sands out there, and mine has a black background too
  11. Although quite basic , i found this helpful and is really the only aquarium book i have As for "The Dragon behind the Glass" , i have never even seen it before , @mungor let us know what its like mate
  12. Thanks @pk333 so looking at @Heintz.G picks from what you have said looks to be correct for golds too, not sure how you could tell with the pics of reds though Can you have golds, greens, blue etc in the same tank, should you worry about x breeding, if so would you get poor colour or just some fry of each colour Cheers
  13. Its been that long Grover i thought the GPG's may have had a very "loving" valentines day and you were to busy watching every little movement in the papyrus Well i was hoping for you anyway
  14. @lazybonezz those reds are amazing here is my recent addition to my life , i thought it was a nice "Gold" The second pic is from her/him in the tank at the LSF, she is a touch paler at home but she would still be settling in i suppose (first pic with a couple of small friends) You can see i have sand which could make her a little paler, thinking of going back to a dark gravel mix i have for that tank As a side note, i read something about "Squiggle" is a way to tell male from female, does anyone know what that is about ? Something to do with the markings on the head, it would be great if someone would explain that to me as i want to look for a mate for the Gold, i if could find a red like the ones in this post would be awesome, any ideas what he/she may be ? Sorry if i have hijacked at all Cheers
  15. Nice colouring on that fella @Petersfish