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  3. Welcome @Mike Ward @Kingo is one of the members here who breeds quality shrimp, flick him a PM and see if he can help you out with the Cherries
  4. Minor update Got hold of about 40 platties , (a week in quarantine) and moved the decor around in the tank Added the platties hoping to take the focus of the severums, then half hour later added the angels, its been a few days and ,... All peaceful at the moment , the platties are totally expendable but it seems everyone has become accustom to their new world ..... so far Thanks for all the tips/ideas
  5. Hey Just after opinions I have a 6x2x2 currently housing 3 larger Severums (size of your hand being the largest) I have 9 small angel fish I want to add to the tank (they are about 50c sized bodies) the only other thing in the tank is a large pleco and driftwood I have an FX6 and an internal filter (3000 lph) running so the water flow is reasonably high Just after any ideas/thoughts of things to consider before I put the Angels in Cheers Edit: Also what cheap dither fish may suit ... south American (not from Asia like a danio), I want to try and keep it semi themed to the Amazon (cheapies so I can get a heap) something that would school would be good Cheers
  6. hey @Grover65k love hearing about your exploits as always good to see "G" settling into her new home Is that a real pic with the pelican and pleco .... ?
  7. @QldMick You started the thread, of all people surely your allowed to go of topic ...lol.. Agree with the colour /fin comment, for some reason I don't see that as offensive as line breeding deformities like short bodies or balloon variants
  8. @gingerbeer I think the same , haven't found a short body / balloon variant of a fish attractive yet But as always, each to their own, I am sure I have owned fish that others wouldn't choose
  9. it is that time of year @Grover65k everything is starting to wake up from the wintery slumber
  10. Hey @vsimo I haven't used the Blue Planet ones, but i have have had LED track lights before, I found the tracks them selves rust out where there is no pod and that cut out the power for any pod after that. I admit that was because it was on a tank that allowed moisture to get to the light. I ended up cutting it down (4ft down to 1ft) to the section that still worked and is now above a tank that doesn't allow moisture to get to it and it has been fine Cheers
  11. Hi @Tegan11 Thanks for coming back to us, great to know you clean the filter etc in fish tank water Can you give us more detail on the filter, is it internal or a canister filter out side of the tank - Liters per hour or model number ? as @hamishh34 mentions the bio-load on you filter could be an issue as Oscars and gold spots are messy fish, your current filter may not be enough to sustain the fish you have Sorry i missed the Bore water comment in your first post, not much experience with Bore Water but as a couple of other mention the tap water may be a safer options for water changes. Just make sure you are treating the water to remove chlorine before adding to the tank Also consider that Oscars get quite large and so do gold spots, a 4 ft (200ltr) wont be big enough for them for very long Anyway, back to the filter, if you can give us some more detail Cheers
  12. Hi @Tegan11 First thing is, How big is the tank? how many fish are in the tank ? What is the filtration used on the tank ? What is your water change schedule ? when you do a water change how do you treat your new water before adding to the tank ? How do you clean the filtration and how often Hole in the head is usually caused by poor water conditions so something is very wrong in your balance of your set up right now (actually most diseases are) Best thing to do while answering these questions in probably a 30% water change every day (make sure you treat the new water before adding, I use Seacham Prime, but you need to remove the chlorine before you add the new water ) , don't mess with PH or additives, stable PH is more important than trying to get the perfect PH so whatever your town water is just leave the PH as is Answer the questions above and hopefully we can help further Fish keeping can be tricky at times but we are here to help Cheers
  13. We all have differing experiences Personally I would go a higher flow rate on a canister , you want to churn over 5 + times the water volume per hour so i would suggest 2500 lph as a minimum A fluval FX5 or FX6 would do the job well, expensive but in my opinion are worth the money, an Aqua One Nautilis 2700 lph is also good and cheaper than the Fluvals You could pre filterer the canister if you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning it as often and let the HOB catch the gunk in the water as HOB's are a lot easier to clean, if you go that way I would mod the HOB intake to make it a close to the bottom as you can and plan your water flow to get all the gunk to that area of the tank
  14. @Grover65k Looks like an old Ford Performance Racing eagle but for the life of me Google will not help me find it to confirm , dam google here is a couple of newer ones so i think you're on the money for 70's/80's ford falcon
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