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  1. Hi All, i have a 6x2x2 just under 600ltr, i was running the filter that comes with it a Nautalis 2700 but with modded media and a Via Aqua 750 that was set up as fully bio media The tank has been incredibly stable for the last 12 months but the Via Aqua spat the impeller last week.. i cant seem to find parts online for the via aqua so first thing is .....does anyone know where i can get an impeller for a via aqua pro 750 ?? That's my cheapest option .. If not i am looking at getting a new canister filter ... so a couple of (maybe silly) questions...(the dollars may hurt) Just consider tank inhabitants - 2 Pleco's, pair of green severums, 10 is small texas, pair convicts, a dozen or so peacocks mixed sizes ---Is an FX4 powerful enough for a 6x2x2 ---is a FX6 over kill for a 6x2x2, or can you "turn them down" so to speak ----i cannot sump due to room so any other canister filter options ??? I will move the Nautalis to a 4x2x2 i have if i have a Canister that i get i am comfortable will deal with the larger tank on its own. thoughts , opinions and advice very welcome please from anyone who knows or uses these filters (the misses will kill me when she finds out how much..lol..) Thanks In Advance Slipshodman
  2. Advice please

    Adding some pics Her ...Him.. and the 6x2x2 with Mr Pleco
  3. Advice please

    Hi All, I haven't been around for a while, tanks are established and just been enjoying them in the little gaps between work , and yes i mean little. I had a patch where my Convict male decided the female was better off dead and he must have inspired my Texas who did the same in his tank a week later, Anyway sometimes that juts happens, so Mr Convict has a new friend , she is a bit small but are now finding there space in my 6x2x2 , which also contains a dozen danios 2 green severums that are only about 2. inches but are pairing up and half a dozen peacocks, yes i know for some this is against the laws of nature but for whatever reason over time it just happened and seems to work tank 2 has a pair of severums that i just separated for from the big tank as they went to breed but lost the fry to all the other fishes , just not quick enough tank three has a psychotic male gold sev who any time i put him in another tank with other fish decides he should harass them all into ultimate submission within 30 mins... Tank 4 (4x2x2), My male texas as i mentioned above killed his mate after a couple of lots of fry which they ate within a week of free swimming Sooooooo i got him a new Mrs, she is somewhat bigger than he is (he may be 4.5 inch tip to tail, her double that, close to 25 cms tip to tail) Day one she had him quivering in the corners, i chucked a divider in to give them a chance to get to know each other So over the last month she has laid eggs on the divider but they have all died off as he cant get to them , she is smart, she watches me , and flames at others walking past So my thought is i will give them (Texas) the 6 ftr and leave the convicts in there , just give them (convicts) enough hidie holes in rock etc , but i do have two Pleco's in the 6ftr One about 25/30 cms and the other smaller , will they be ok with Texas ???? Particularly Breeding texas ...... This is the one thing that is slowing me down on the plan All the fish in the 6ftr now will move into a refurbed 4x2x2 (it will be a busy day with lots of buckets LOL) All advice welcome I will chuck up some picks of them when i get a chance ... Cheers
  4. Texas Cichlid - Breeding

    L2H, already on the cards matey Only 3 set up at the moment , and another 5 in mixed sizes just waiting of excuses... sorry i mean justification with the misses Gotta love MTS
  5. Hey all, I haven't been around for a bit as i have heaps going on with work etc (like we all do) just thought i would share a couple of pics of my pair of texas The first pics are from a month or so ago , i was so excited to see her come out from behind the rock where she had been hiding and have a couple of hundred fry swimming with her, over the next couple of days though all the fry vanished, i assume she or he ate them I cleaned the tank and rearranged the rocks (forgot to clean off the back glass) To my joy about a week or so ago she laid again (pic 2) she has moved them in behind the rock work now as they are all little wrigglers so no extra pics as yet. I dont have the best history for breeding (not intentional breeding, just letting nature take its course), i am probably the only one in the world that cant breed convicts, they always seems to eat the young at wriggler stage for some reason. Fingers crossed they Texas work it out and i can grow out a batch or two - I know the tank needs a clean to get rid of the brown algae at the back of the tank, just didn't want to do it while they were breeding - Any breeding/grow out tips with these guys would be appreciated Cheers
  6. DIY auto syphon for water changes

    grab one of these from your local hardware for 5 buck and attache a longer hose, works a treat
  7. Thanks @none , no salt to the tank (but i will add some tonight) Its just a pity i cant do anything more for him but wait and see I hope all is well after TC "Debbie" Matt, sorry i didn't realise you were affected Cheers
  8. What to use for driftwood

    I have used iron bark in the past, off cuts from a load of fire wood. I boiled all pieces for a couple of hours to get rid of any baddies and it sank quite quickly but i think that was due to how dense it was But i couldn't stop the tannin leaching, its was seriously strong so i pulled it back out
  9. @Alibi - If i can land a pellet close to him he will swim (well kinda swim) to get it , i moved the hollow log that he has called home for the last couple of weeks to the smaller tank It took him a while to find it as when i put him in the smaller tank he just lay half on his side in one corner (to be honest i thought he might be gone then) but next day he was in the log where he has stayed since @aquaholic99 - thanks for the advice, no rapid temperature change has occurred so can only consider he has injured himself although nothing physically noticeable externally on his body. I will just keep watching him and making sure he gets a pellet everyday and hope he comes good. If there is anything else i could do for him please let me know. Cheers
  10. i have googled and on average i am looking at 1x tablespoon per 10 ltr of water in the bucket for 15 minute bath i will be going with that unless told otherwise Cheers Addition: So i went with the bath as above, he is quite lethargic , it didnt help and he is now in a smaller tank with his misses as she stressed when he wasn't there he really seems like his body is too heavy to swim with ..not sure what to do next
  11. Hi All, I have a 300 ltr tank with a pair of Convicts , the male is large about 18cm long. ph7.0, Ammo 0, Nitrate 0, Nitrate about 10 ish (due a WC this weekend) The last 3 weeks he has not got off the bottom of the tank, the female swims around fine with no issue I have continued water changes as normal every second week about 50%, the first week i treated with Tri-Sulfa just in case it was bacterial or something. Anyway as i said three weeks on and all he does in lay at an angle in a hollow log on the bottom, occasionally he has a short swim but its like he has lead in his belly and cant really get off the bottom and almost drags his belly along the sand. So i was going to try a Epsom salt bath considering it could be constipation ... i Had been given some food from the LFS by their suggestion and since i have had a look its basically protien . So for a couple of weeks prior to this issue thats all he got fed, stupid i know i should have mixed it up. Anyway , what rate should i have the epsom salt bath , i assume tank water plus ? epsom salt @none @aquaholic99 , or anyone else, you advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  12. Fuzzy Eye - Peacock

    Thanks @none I was able to catch him out yesterday arvo, the one eye fuzzed out was an advantage as he didn't see me coming with the net, nice and quick I have him in a 30cm cube with heater and established sponge and i treated with Tri-Sulfa last night (double dose), i will add some salt when i get home today (How Much, tanks only 3 part full so about 20 ltr ?, could you PM advice please ) Nil feed yesterday but will give him a grain or 2 of NLS tonight and just keep an eye (no pun intended) on him for the next couple of days. Then WC 50% and treat again Saturday if not cleared up and keep my fingers crossed Once again appreciate the advice mate Cheers
  13. Fuzzy Eye - Peacock

    I should add Ammo- 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 5-10 max , last wc 33% on sat (about 1/3 wc every week) ph 7.8 Just flooked it and caught him in a net so will set up small 25ltr tank for treatment but should i still treat whole tank as well ? I have an established spongie ready to go ? Actually i have Blue Planet Multi Cure & Blue Planet Tri-Sulfa as options at home but can get other if better suited Thanks in advance for advice Cheers
  14. Help please One fish on 6x2x2 with a fuzzy eye (see pics) its only come up over the last 2-3 days. I assume it damaged it on a rock or someone had a go at him. i don't think i will be able to catch it out of the tank with the drift wood etc so full tank treatment ? With what , or should i strip the tank to get it out (massive job) to avoid any other fish getting infected i have Tri-sulfa ready to go if that is my answer Cheers
  15. Angelfish aggression towards intruders

    Had a male a while ago that after a spawn got to wrigglers he decided to go nuts and started killing off everything in the tank he could including his partner Gave him to the LFS who popped him in a 4ft display with other Angels and Discuss etc, all where bigger then him but he had them cornered up one end of the tank within the hour Nastiest Angel i have ever seen