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  2. Breeding Tank Sponges

    Thanks But which is the better sponge filter ?
  3. Hi All, Just after some advice I have set up 2 breeding tanks , a 6ft (300 ltr) and 4ft (200 ltr) , i am going to run them off sponges as from what i have read its more cost effective than a canister and creates a hive of food for little fry So my question is i have found 2 types of XY-380 sponges , high flow and not high flow. (Will probably end up getting them from a sponsor but examples below) I believe the sponge size is probably correct but which is better for breeding tanks, the tanks will have a very small layer of sand but no other filters etc I was also going to run two of each in each tank so i can move one to a grow out tank as needed as it wall be already seeded to the fry current environment If i have got it wrong totally also please let me know. All advice is appreciated Cheers Oh and at this stage both thanks will be for Severums as i have two breeding pairs https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/XY-380-Aquarium-Internal-Sponge-Bio-Filter-Jumbo-HI-FLOW-Fish-Pond-Tank-360L/201708626399?epid=1448226471&hash=item2ef6c561df:g:LlEAAOSwODFaXrCg https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Aquarium-Internal-large-air-Sponge-Biological-Filter-Fine-Fish-Tank-200L-XY-380/232092073025?epid=1136951956&hash=item3609c3fc41:g:gWQAAOSwmfhX5L0h
  4. brought a bargain today

    Very Nice
  5. Hi Guys and Gals, I have done some googling and searched through the threads here and pretty sure these are totally harmless I found these red worms underneath my magnetic glass cleaner inside the tank (they look red not brown like in the photo) I did a gravel clean and didn't see anymore but i have large rocks etc that i didn't move, the gravel get moved plenty by the texas, sevs and pleco in the tank I don't think i have ever fed blood worms to the tank, I just want to check that these are harmless or if my identification is wrong what I should do Thanks in advance
  6. Finally - My Christmas Present

    @Eric A Unfortunately work blocks "fliker" so i can't see the pictures of your tank you have me intrigued ......... I would hate to see "Here is a pic of my new pride and Joy" and i cannot see it because its fliker
  7. Hey guys

    Welcome @Mark1992 Love to see a pic of your Bass and Perch
  8. EHeim vax

    Nothing wrong with having a reason to go to a fish store.... but it always seems to cost me more than I planned I wonder why ?
  9. EHeim vax

    Its missing the impeller , the impeller sits over the top of that grey bit Tech den have it for $25 buckeroo's (minus discount for QLDAF memeber's) https://www.thetechden.com.au/Eheim_Quick_Vac_Pro_Replacement_Impeller_p/eh7313078.htm Seeing the unit is $100 it might be worth the investment, the main reason i don't use it is that i have pleco's in both my larger tanks and it never seems to pick up their poop so i would have to use a siphon anyway, awkward around the edges of rock and that as well because of how large it is You can get it cheaper if you do some googling
  10. EHeim vax

    The impeller looks like this, its sits over not inside like a normal impeller would
  11. EHeim vax

    Clean around the impeller ? When i did use it all it took was a piece of sand to get in the impeller area and it wouldn't move I am sure you have worked it out but the impeller piece is here
  12. EHeim vax

    I got one, never use it anymore, i t just doesn't get enough suction to actually pick up that much stuff Just try new batteries, check there is no rust on the terminals, clean the area for the magnetic impeller to make sure nothing is clogging it up and you should be good to go That's about all i can think of
  13. Sand

    The one you are buying will raise your PH but depending on what your keeping and what PH you want/have may be fine It looks good apart from that, although 3-5mm seems large grain size, interested to see a pic of the sand when you get it Cheers
  14. Aqua Nova NCF1500 spare parts

    Depends on your bank balance but i am a convert to the Fluval Fx's Had the Aqua One 2700 on my 6x2x2 and have recently switched to the FX6 and for me I wont turn back. I never seemed to be able to get all the air out of the Aqua One canister and the hoses are quite inflexible due to size which was an issue as i cant get to the rear of my tank, i cant fault its actual filtering capacity and it has a huge (i mean huge, amount of room for media in the 4 cages in the canister, a lot more room for added media than the FX6. Its now living on my 4x2x2, water flow in the tank seems just a little high maybe but i am only using 2 pieces of the 3 piece spray bar Everyone has got their own opinion though. You can buy through our sponsors and Tech Den and AOA both give discounts to site members (the other sponsor's may too, i just haven't ordered from them) and will ship so worth having a look at or a chat with them before purchasing They both may even be able to help with parts if you jump on there web sites. (Links at the top of the page)
  15. new rack for apistos

    Set up looks nice @joller I have sponges running in all my tanks just in case i need to do a move so even without a filter the there is some bio media and water movement. Its easy to run an airline to anywhere when moving things around, just what works for me