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    I am a 32 single male into boxing muay thai kickboxing swimming fishing aerobics boating fish keeping I do massage for work easy going freindly
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    fish keeping . bettas fishing .swimming . boxing .aerobics
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    massage therapist

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  1. FS X2 Male peppermint Bristlenose.

    hi mate intrested in them cheers john i pmed u
  2. hi mate do u have male and female please pm me and price
  3. 4 x Large Oscars

    hi mate i pmed u about the four oscars i will take them please pm me thanks cheers john
  4. hi mate i am intrested in 4 pairs mate once i move
  5. Peppermint pair

    hi mate pmed u
  6. Hello, and a sick angelfish

    hi and welcome about your angel fish speak to donny from the age of aqariums cheers john
  7. Peppermint pair

    hi mate i am intrested in them i pmed u cheers john
  8. the kribs would tare the guppys fins dinos are good and platies
  9. Hi

    hello and welcome
  10. WTB whiptail

    i will ask around for u both and let u both know cheers john
  11. Hi'ya All! *New*

    your very welcome mate any questions feel free to ask cheers john
  12. hi all! minibun here :)

    your very welcome mate i hope u get some nice shrimp cheers john
  13. Cheapest place to get pleco caves

    age of aquariums mate or tec den