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    I am a 32 single male into boxing muay thai kickboxing swimming fishing aerobics boating fish keeping I do massage for work easy going freindly
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    fish keeping . bettas fishing .swimming . boxing .aerobics
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  1. hello and welcome goldfish are amazing i k with them to hopeing to breed them 1 day
  2. hi and welcome what size tanks do u have cheers john
  3. mad aquariums in underwood near the big gun or pet city or pet country in slacks creek hope that helps u mate cheers john
  4. i thought as much it would be hard to keep other fish with them they will eat any thing that can fit in therere mouths big or small they like to hunt there food
  5. wow its very big wicked looks great it will need alot of feeding lol
  6. hello and welcome to the mad house of fish keeping all things fish
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