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    I am a 32 single male into boxing muay thai kickboxing swimming fishing aerobics boating fish keeping I do massage for work easy going freindly
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    fish keeping . bettas fishing .swimming . boxing .aerobics
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    massage therapist

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  1. Hi all

    hi jason and welcome cheers john
  2. Hi

    thanks mate
  3. Not so native guppy population

    they are single sword tailed guppys very nice fish they would sell for a fair price any where from $2 to $5 each
  4. hi mate i am intrested in them but have to wait around four months will u hold them cheers john
  5. intrested but have to wait a few months mate cheers john
  6. Hi

    hi and welcome back cheers john
  7. Thanks for having me

    hi and welcome to this great site cheers john
  8. Breeding Tank Sponges

    sponge filters are great i use them in my breeding tanks for your size tanks a medium spong filter will do the job really well
  9. Hi!

    hi and welcome cheers john
  10. Hi

    hello and welcome cheers john
  11. try the age of aquariums at browns plains fair prices cheers john
  12. Hi!

    hello and welcome cheers john
  13. Help sex pep. pleco

    looks like a male but could be wrong your best bet pm pandapete and ask him
  14. Hi!

    nice tank hello and welcome cheers john
  15. exotic fish conections rock lea or pm fish king kev owns exotic fish conections