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    I am a 32 single male into boxing muay thai kickboxing swimming fishing aerobics boating fish keeping I do massage for work easy going freindly
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  1. cool will do that thanks mate sounds good cheers mate
  2. thanks I will try that I have discus granuels and tropical micro pellets I hadn't thought of that
  3. thanks mate I am going to re try zucchini and cucumber cos the don't like the lettus that much the adults love the aleage wafers thanks I am sure we can work this out some how I put the drift wood from the tank in a plastic container with some water and put it in the sun so aelge to grow on it for them to eat
  4. Hello...

    hello how are u and welcome cheers john
  5. Introduction

    hello mate how are u and welcome cheers john
  6. will switch it of and I think ur right when I lived in slacks creek I used to be able to breed them and sell the young all the time but now I am on a mix of rain water and mains water thanks mate
  7. Discus - Blue Diamond juvies

    very nice fish u have great fish mate
  8. I all so have a uv steralizer in the tank
  9. that's what I feed mine every 3 days
  10. just the bristle nose parents no other fish its a 3 foot tank no gravel has drift wood and two logs the adults eat zucchini and lettus and alge wafers
  11. 950L In-Wall Discus Tank

    this is really cool
  12. yes they are with the parents and I have tried zucchini thanks
  13. hi I have albino short fin bristle nose that breed all the time but the young die after four weeks I feed them lettus every day and do water changes every two days my ph is 7 amonina is 0 water hardness is 12 gh and kh is around 9 nitrite is 0 nitrate is o what am I doing wrong the temp is 24
  14. What kind of fighting fish?

    he is a crown tail if u have any worries use wild almond leaf in the tank but looks good
  15. fighters can be put with other fish I would not put guppies with them male fighters will attack male guppies fins if they are long cat fish can be put with fighters