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    I am a 32 single male into boxing muay thai kickboxing swimming fishing aerobics boating fish keeping I do massage for work easy going freindly
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    fish keeping . bettas fishing .swimming . boxing .aerobics
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    massage therapist

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  1. try mad aquariums in underwood near the big gun in slacks creek
  2. try mad aquariums in underwood near the big gun
  3. very nice fish mate please pm me when u have some young up to size and prices they look amazing cheers john
  4. i now all so have for sale some panda endler guppies for sale $ 2.50 each male and female
  5. i would grow the angels up a bit first other wise the sevs may attack them but apart from that it will work out
  6. ohh thats not so good mate i hope u feel better and recover fast mate
  7. very cool are u all right after been in hospital mate cheers john
  8. hello and welcome i would recommend useing a air driven sponge filter u should all so pm butch50 on this forum he can give u more info cheers john
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