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    I am a 32 single male into boxing muay thai kickboxing swimming fishing aerobics boating fish keeping I do massage for work easy going freindly
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    fish keeping . bettas fishing .swimming . boxing .aerobics
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  1. Blue cherry shrimp

    hi pete very nice shrimp
  2. the staff at the age of aquariums are very nice kind respectful helpful honest very great staff cheers john
  3. Led light selection help

    hello and welcome cheers john
  4. Bulging eye

    that makes sence and cool i have delt with pop eye befor couldnt treat it
  5. Bulging eye

    pop eye can be brevented buy keeping the water clean water changes
  6. Hi from South Brisbane

    hello and welcome cheers john
  7. Platy

    yeah mate i am intrested i have found an intirnal filter its an ehime its in good condition but will have to wait till i move i just sent u a pm mate tdj5
  8. Bulging eye

    looks like pop eye your water conditions seem good but the ammonia needs to be lower than that the best way to fix ammonia is to use ammonia lock or zealete if u do water changes things should get better speak to donny from the age of aquariums
  9. Nice Red Guppies for sale

    hi mate if i wasnt in the progress of moveing i would get some of the guppys but have to wait till i move intrested in male and female will be in touch once i move
  10. your welcome mate if i wasnt in the progress of moveing i would get some but cant till i move
  11. I will never use sand as substrate again

    sand can be tricky i would use gravel but that can get sucked up when vacum cleaning um if u dont have live plants in your tank i cant see a reason to use sand or cravel i know it looks good in the tank but hard to clean a bare bottom tank is easyer to clean
  12. WTB Daphnia culture

    try exotic fish conections rock lea or pet city or pet country slacks creek
  13. WTB Pleco

    your welcome i know he is far way but worth going to i buy fish of him to every now and then i will keep an eye out if i see any one selling plecos near u cheers john
  14. WTB Pleco

    u should pm fishking on here great prices and kev is a very helpful and great guy cheers john
  15. Nice Red Guppies for sale

    your welcome mate