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  1. all fish can be feed this but bottom feaders eat it so yes its safe for all fish
  2. for sale blue jap opale endlers for sale males and females $ 3 each the males have double tailed swords please pm me cheers john
  3. i got in contact with kev and getting a male just waiting for his text cheers john
  4. the 150 tank is far better even though it is pricey
  5. u can have the drift wood for $ 10 but its pick up only please pm me
  6. i cant do pics but i can describe it it is long and thick and at one end it looks like a tangel of roots
  7. will start doing that from now on will look at the dates and if its an old post wont comment on it honest got it load and clear wont happen again
  8. hi mate do u have male and female for sale i pm ed u looking for a pair and price please cheers john
  9. i hava a large paice of driftwood but has no plants on it but its a nice looking driftwood
  10. do u breed them they look wicked
  11. do u have any females please pm me thanks cheers john
  12. are u going to sell the young and price
  13. ahh ok once i can sex them will give u a male
  14. that will work really well i would have 3 males and the rest females your tank size is perfect for that amount of gouramis
  15. hello and welcome your now in the crazy house but thats ok we all go a little crazy over fish cheers john
  16. that will work but keep in mind some groumis can be fisty but apart from that it will work the pearl groumi is great but get a few 2 males and 3 females u could all so add bristle nose catfish i can hook u up with them cheers john
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