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  1. yes they have its kevs brother who now owns it
  2. very cool it sounds like your a great mate
  3. she says on here the breeders are for sale $65 FOR A TRIO OR $ 25 EACH
  4. u should pm qldmick he is looking for a male albino bristle nose
  5. i would recomend that u pm fishking on this site to see if kev has any cheers john
  6. very cool good to hear he may cross breed with them
  7. ahh ok i didnt know that i know qld isnt allowed them
  8. it is nice its sad we cant have koi in australia
  9. your welcome and yes the oscars are doing great how is the flowerhorn is he getting bigger
  10. try mad aquariums in underwood in logan city
  11. hi mate try pm butch50 on here he may have some i know he breeds eletric yellows not sure if he dose the blues but worth a shot cheers john
  12. send mal lincon a pm on here i know he is a member
  13. it looks like your substrate is the cause do u have any thing other than the gravel that could be causeing it cheers john
  14. hello and welcome try mad aquariums in underwood logan city cheers john
  15. hello and welcome what fish are u into cheers john
  16. your welcome mate if u do want to get back into fish keeping i breed albino short fin bristle nose and endler guppies and trying to breed my oscars just fule for thought
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