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  1. johnbetta

    I’m back!

    hi welcome back mate
  2. johnbetta

    Hi All

    hi and welcome back cheers john what fish are u into
  3. it is advicable to vacuum up the tank a little each week and add a bit liquid fertilizer
  4. johnbetta

    Need an aquarium for my Son

    hi katie and welcome will see what stuff I can help u with cheers john
  5. johnbetta

    FS Long Fin Common Bristle Nose

    cool just re plyed
  6. johnbetta

    FS Long Fin Common Bristle Nose

    hi I pmed u mate cheers john
  7. johnbetta

    Hello there!!

    hi Jason welcome to the forum what fish do u have ? feel free to ask me any thing about your fish cheers john
  8. johnbetta

    G'day, what's this fish?

    that would be what happened
  9. johnbetta

    G'day, what's this fish?

    they are not native to Australia they are found in south east asia
  10. johnbetta


    hi and welcome peacock cichlids are good but African cichlids don't go well with plants cheers john
  11. for African cichlids not good idea
  12. johnbetta


    hi and welcome
  13. just looking at the pic I agree with @QldMick
  14. do u have a pic of the fish it could be eggs but most likely a tummor but cant be sure with out seeing the fish
  15. johnbetta

    Hi, new to forum chat

    hi and welcome u should try mad about aquariums in springwood if u look them up on line for there number
  16. johnbetta

    Racked tanks water changers

    hi Patrick I do my water changes with a siphone house then fill my tanks up using a 3 liter bottle it takes me ages but haven't had my tanks up and running since I moved
  17. johnbetta

    Hi All just joined

    hello and welcome cheers john
  18. johnbetta

    Over flows

    over flow filters are a pain they aren't worth it
  19. johnbetta

    Feeding Bullrout

    your fish will eat frozen squid river shrimp meal worms and would eat baby brim they can be coxed to eat pellets if u dip them in brine shrimp
  20. get the test kits and vacuum the gravel every time u do a water change its all the one doing then a clean tank is a healthy tank
  21. I would do a 25% water change once a week
  22. johnbetta

    hi guys

    that's good mate and yes it is good your here to
  23. johnbetta

    hi guys

    hi how are u I am john