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  1. hi tj5 do they sell well and thank u for replying cheers john
  2. hi i have endler guppies if intrested
  3. try mad aquariums in underwood slacks creek near the big gun or exotic fish conections in rock lea
  4. is this a good plant to have and to grow it sounds like a great plant i have goldfish so may be good for there tank am i right cheers john feel free to pm me on here
  5. trimacs have them to they are 1 of the fish used to create flowerhorns
  6. where abouts in logan are u and would u be willing to sell 2 boys and 3 girls and if yes price please cheers john
  7. yes have u tryed mad aquariums in underwood near the big gun in slacks creek cheers john
  8. thanks mate i will be in touch as soon as i can thank u
  9. wicked vid very cool
  10. thanks mate do u want to pm me your number please thank u
  11. hi what fish are u breeding atm please pm me thanks
  12. hey mate do u know what types of fish people will be bring please
  13. can u please pm me your contact number please
  14. we all need this forum
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