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  1. i did rely twice with this profile i dont need 2 i am only on here once a day i am unsure of whats going on its starting to piss me of all the false acusations if u new me then u would know its od its like i am being played and being made out to look like i lie its all good i can see why it looks the way it looks like i said it would be hard for me to have 2 profiles i would get mixed up my brain isnt as good as it once was to menny kicks to the head from muay thai and from being chocked out from judo so i am not that switched on with my brain any more my spelling isnt all ways good its a dead give away the other person should be a better speller than me 

  2. 59 minutes ago, FatSalvatore said:

    Da fuq? You have an alternate account as jonsey in chermside @johnbetta? busted! :P

    Haha, all good if you do, the forum needs more active members but if so you need to keep track of your aliases :D

    Rays posts are pretty interesting and good to follow, the old vettes are better than the crap they bring our now, maybe the ZR1's from 93 my fav. Saw a late model camaro on the way back from Bribie yesterday - shocked me that someone would spend 120k(?) on 1 when you could get a much nicer, stronger muscle car for 30-70k less... But you got the money, then why not... (still 68 camaros look better than 18 camaros) Back on topic and Ray has some awesome toys, I couldn't even keep a hammer coral thriving (the 2 I had were shrinking). Never did target feeding, never knew I had to and never asked. Is great watching people that know what they are doing! If I tried a marine tank again (and I loved my redline shrimp), would stick to fish only

    never lived there in chermside i  have lived in logan since i moved to this country i only have the johnbetta one why have 2 its od and daft 

  3. hi u could do an undergravel filter the fish they are catching can get big the shrimp depending on type will need the bigger tank once its ready but an undergravel will work well i did it on my 2 foot tank when i had it set up as a salt water tank and lost no fish or corals so it worked well it should work well 4 u 2 cheers john a little heater would be good 

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