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  1. hello mate u could pm fishking on here kev may have some i did say may u could try cheers john
  2. i just pmed u about a place to try and u could pm fishking on here kev may be able to help u out
  3. or pm fishking on here cheers john
  4. hi andrew have u tryed mad aquariums in underwood slacks creek cheers john or pet country in slacks creek
  5. i dont think rocks would be a good idea as the oscars may move them and break the class tank just a thought i keep oscars and have a large drift wood in there tank no other things in there
  6. amazing looks so very cool and nice your lucky mate please keep the vids coming as they rock
  7. try mad aquariums in underwood slacks creek or check there web site cheers john
  8. or try mad aquariums in underwood slacks creek or try there web site
  9. i will be selling my endlers again i have worked out my dramas so keen to get back to selling fish i am now breeding panda endlers and the other ones listed above all so looking to buy rare endlers cheers john so if your keen on my endlers please pm me
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  11. true i have alot of tanks thats why they arent in the house but yeah i agree with u also i pmed u back about your question cheers john
  12. thanks jb i thought it was soft water but cool
  13. very cool might have to get some once i make room in fish fish shed
  14. thanks mate and u 2 take care and be safe
  15. i cant wait to set up a salty tank again your so lucky please keep me up dated on them its really amazing how much work u put into your tanks i look forword to learning more from u
  16. hey ray thats awasome they are very big then so jell
  17. cool how big are they now they look great
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