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  1. where abouts are they please cheers john
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  3. hi and welcome its not a good idea to mix fish from diffrent lakes for this reason the types of fish u like some come from hard water the tanganekens come from soft water it would be hard to balance the two water conditions to keep all the fish healthy i am sorry its better to be in the know before u make that mistake
  4. hi and welcome good luck with your tank i am not a fan of live plants as they may carrie all sorts of fish sicknesses i used to have live plants but not any more since i found that out cheers john
  5. u should pm JB on here he may know or mcfry
  6. hello and welcome goldfish are amazing i k with them to hopeing to breed them 1 day
  7. hi and welcome what size tanks do u have cheers john
  8. mad aquariums in underwood near the big gun or pet city or pet country in slacks creek hope that helps u mate cheers john
  9. i thought as much it would be hard to keep other fish with them they will eat any thing that can fit in therere mouths big or small they like to hunt there food
  10. wow its very big wicked looks great it will need alot of feeding lol
  11. hello and welcome to the mad house of fish keeping all things fish
  12. hi and welcome what types of fish are u into cheers john
  13. i had diffrent corals and a blue damsal and a pair of clown fish bubble corales brain corals and lots of soft corals
  14. i knoww gambusia wouldnt cross with a platy i did say that well tryed to
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