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  2. very cool you guys are sooo lucky i miss my marine tank going to re set 1 up again when i get around to it
  3. guppies and feral guppies and endler guppies can all cross breed but a guppy and platy or sward tail or molly can not with thoughs fish mollies can cross with other mollies and platys can cross breed with sward tails i am not a fan of cross breeding fish as it can lead to the fry being deformed or sterile but each to there own i agree with bill fish
  4. your friend the to it cant be done they are from diffrent sepesies familys
  5. cool thanks mate i am looking at setting up a marine tank
  6. i have not used the dry one but the liquid forum i have didnt like it so i have been useing prime i find its better it works for me but if friction dry is working for u then thats great to hear
  7. hi and welcome do u have a pic of the corals
  8. the snails your after are getting really hard to find
  9. what types of fish are going in
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  11. that will take some time 4 u but its worth it
  12. wicked good to hear i hope the re fill goes well no leaks good luck mates
  13. hi and welcome it looks like it may be a fungus growing on your catfish cheers john on here you would be better to as JB about your fish mate or pandapet
  14. hi and welcome your going to learn alot on this forum cheers john
  15. in france the french say frogs legs are a delagasies meaning they taste very nice like chicken i have never tryed frogs legs its on my bucket list of things to do one day
  16. they will have a great time in there very wicked
  17. let me know how this works out for u it sounds cool
  18. thanks guys been doing fish a very long time 22 years then add another 2 years for marine biology so 24 years all up and been on this site for ages
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