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  1. it could be white spot or neon tetra diese
  2. the males have longer fins with a point
  3. they breed in cold water feed them bloodworms and brine shrimp the males are slim and bigger than the females they don't eat there eggs or young if feed well hope that helps breed in un heated tank or pond
  4. it could be live food or white spot eggs
  5. hi tracey I am john if u want when I breed my fighters will give u some fry
  6. have u tried angel fish they are good fish to keep
  7. they are tiger spoted guppys
  8. the male is slim bodied the females are rounder in the belly
  9. the fins in the females are more rounded um u cant breed them with out poltry cland extract injections is the only way its hard to do
  10. it wont be them what other fish are in the tank?
  11. its a zebra louch it looks like a male
  12. use copper sulphate and methaine blue that's what I use and it worked 4 me more than once
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