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  1. with the fish i am trying to sell on here i wont be selling to any member on this forum now as i have found out what some members are doing when they buy fish on here
  2. hi and welcome what types of fish do u breed in your tanks cheers john
  3. there are a lot of good things about them
  4. not a fan of these filters i am old school i use what german breeders use undergravel filters
  5. hi and welcome i have albino bristle nose for sale 4 cm
  6. hi and welcome sorry to hear that
  7. very nice fish mate please pm me when u have some young up to size and prices they look amazing cheers john
  8. i now all so have for sale some panda endler guppies for sale $ 2.50 each male and female
  9. i would grow the angels up a bit first other wise the sevs may attack them but apart from that it will work out
  10. ohh thats not so good mate i hope u feel better and recover fast mate
  11. very cool are u all right after been in hospital mate cheers john
  12. hello and welcome i would recommend useing a air driven sponge filter u should all so pm butch50 on this forum he can give u more info cheers john
  14. very bright corals very nice
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