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    johnbetta reacted to tdj5 in New member (betta lover)   
    That's one of 2 
    6x2x2 mixed and the other one is 5x2x2 with gold fish 
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    johnbetta reacted to tdj5 in New member (betta lover)   
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    johnbetta reacted to Julio_13 in tiger endlers for sale   
    Hey John, do you have a few females to spare?. I’m after 6. 
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    johnbetta reacted to Lestari Betta in New member (betta lover)   
    wow sounds great
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    johnbetta reacted to goneself in Quarantine wild caught feeder fish   
    I never quarantined feeder fish, until I got anchor worms in my system. Now I never use feeder fish. Because anchor worms Suck.
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    johnbetta reacted to TED in Quarantine wild caught feeder fish   
    Big risks feeding wild feeder fish. We have all done it and know the consequences if things go wrong. I would suggest setting up a feeder breeding tank. Guppys, endlers, swordyz, mollys, gudgeons, what ever you like. Some people even breed americans or africans to use as feeders for bigger fish. Never have to worry about disease and losing your prized fish.
    I will never use wild feeders again after a bad experience. You learn from your mistakes and you can also learn from other peoples mistakes. Wild feeders will only cause you troubles. Maybe not the straight away but it will eventually.
    They are not free when you look at the consequences and will probably end up costing you more money.
    Good luck.
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    johnbetta reacted to thatsright99 in Quarantine wild caught feeder fish   
    You could look at it 2 ways, first- if ur going to feed one at a time so that there's nothing left, the stomach acid should kill any diseases. Or if you are going to catch heaps and put into a tank for later, then realistically the fish should be treated from the inside out, wormed,gill and other flukes, other parasites like w.s,fungus ect. With proper treatment times and rest periods in between t'ments. But who's going to do that???. And people wondr why their prize n joy gets sick lol
    Most people's idea of quarentine Is a joke. If you feed live food you have the threat of diseases, can be costly esp if the fish decide to only eat live fish. But its up to you
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    johnbetta reacted to Lestari Betta in New member (betta lover)   
    thank you so much guys, what kind of fish do you keep
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    johnbetta got a reaction from Lestari Betta in New member (betta lover)   
    hello and welcome wicked betta really nice cheers john
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    johnbetta reacted to ageofaquariums in Not so native guppy population   
    Well you can always do the reverse, and add a fancy pet shop male in with some feral females. Same result, crazy coloured hybrids that are super tough.
    My favourite thing about feral genetics is they are usually better at surviving low temperatures making them better as winter pond fish than other bloodlines.
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    johnbetta reacted to Foskett96 in Wanted Amphilophus Trimaculatus   
    Trying my luck again to see if anyone has any pure Amphilophus Trimaculatus (Trimac) available. I’m away of very few left in Australia.
    Willing to pay good money for pure specimens, more then happy for Growouts if they are available.  Please message me on here or text message me 0452117671
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    johnbetta reacted to Merkinater in Newbie to the Hobby   
    Hey Dude,
    1st - nice tank.
    I keep Gourami - i have a Big Pink GG, a gold spot (normal) and 2x honey dwarfs. I also have Cherryshrimp but keep them only with Endlers and BN's. Endlers dont eat them - other guppies do. My 
    GG is a vegetarian & isnt bothered by other tank mates, but Gouramis are clasified as Omnivors - it depends on the species if they will eat other fish/fry or shrimp, but if you have sufficient hiding spots in logs/plants/etc, they should survive and breed.
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    johnbetta reacted to ecnalb in hi   
    thanks! I keep mainly placidochromis, lethrinops and aulonocara 
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    johnbetta reacted to Munruben1 in Aquarium Bits & Pieces   
    2 X Fluval Tronic 200w heaters (still in their boxes) $20 each or buy the 2 & get a 300 watt AL220L used heater free
    3 X Marina battery air pumps $5 each
    1 X 35mm diamond core drill bit and templates (good size to use for 25mm bulkheads) $5
    2 X 25mm bulkheads and 8 various strainers $20
    1 X  gravel cleaner still in bag $5
    4 X air splitters  $!0 
    1 X bag of ceramic noodles  and 35 bio cubes $10 (SOLD)
    1 X filter bag (pre filter or media) $5
    Pick up Munruben or Browns Plains

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    johnbetta reacted to ecnalb in hi   

    names Lance, new to the forum and avid lover of African Cichlids.
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    johnbetta reacted to tdj5 in Moving a 130L dirted aquarium   
    Hi and welcome to the site  it's still going to be heavy 
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    johnbetta reacted to AdamObrien in Wtb o/s bristlenoses Brisbane area   
    Wtb o/s bristlenoses Brisbane area any size 
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    johnbetta reacted to tdj5 in Hi thanks for adding me   
    Hi and welcome to the site 
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    johnbetta reacted to Cam07 in What Section is Coming Back Friday?   
    but it's not Friday, it's sort of like Friday I finished work for the week but it's not proper Friday cause there was no fish and chips
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    johnbetta reacted to tdj5 in Hey there   
    Hi and welcome to the site 
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    johnbetta reacted to tdj5 in Wassup   
    Hi and welcome to the site 
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    johnbetta reacted to FighterFishClub in Wassup   
    Mahachai, imbellis, and stiktos.  And if the isolation continues, I suspect I'll venture into mouthbrooders.
    Breeding but only unintentionally.
    What do you keep?
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    johnbetta reacted to gingerbeer in QLDAF change of rules   
    Yep Doug,  It looks like someone cried.  I am trying to get it back. 
    We do and almost always have a post pointing here for sales.  Some people break the rules, and I consider myself not to be the facebook police.  If we can get it back I may have to dress in a police uniform and inform the facebook rules more.  Any posts of police uniforms offered to me should probably go to off topic.......
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    johnbetta got a reaction from Fishbo in Feeling special haha   
    u need 5 posts or more to get the hole forum so keep posting then u will get it cheers john
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    johnbetta reacted to QldMick in Looking to buy Cichlids in Brisbane   
    thanks john thats one of bris aquarium shops that i havent been too yet. was thinking of visiting aquariums alive as i will down that way.
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