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  1. Hello and welcome. Nice looking fish room.
  2. Oh that doesn't look good! Could be as simple as hair in the tank that the guppy has swallowed, though it appears to be more than that.
  3. Can't wait to see some pics of the Ekka setups.
  4. A huge task, although worth it. I can't wait to see it up and running.
  5. Awesome thank you for the response [MENTION=3878]pk333[/MENTION] We thought that would be the case, but couldn't find any confirmation anywhere.
  6. Please note that any fish I have for sale have not been in contact with this tank or any item used in it's care.
  7. Never used this before and now need to treat a 4ft community tank. Instructions state to dose on days 1,2,3 &6. Missing from the instructions is information in relation to water changes. Do I change the water between doses? I'm guessing that I'll have to due to mass trumpet snail deaths. What % water changes are recommended? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Well I've taken over my son's game. I had to sign up for it since he's under 13, so why not? It is a bit of fun. Lots of walking around to incubate eggs. Think if you're using it the right way, then there's no problem. I don't think that the players are going to have time to graffiti and litter. But there's always potential for someone to do the wrong thing. Of course if anyone is having problems related to Pokestops or Pokegyms causing problems at their residence or business then they can report it to the game's creator Niantic Labs. These locations were portals for a previous game by the same company, so there's been a bit of a test run. Think AOA should put up a sign and cash in on some free exposure. There's a Pokemon Go Facebook page that the location can be noted on. There's even fish Pokemon that could be put on a sign. Why not? Libraries are hanging Pokemon at their doors if they are a stop.
  9. My son was delighted yesterday to discover that there is a Pokemon Go Gym out the front of Age of Aquariums. Looks like we'll be stopping in more
  10. I think that we were very lucky with our Copperband which we got from Neilsens. We were told that they were a difficult fish to keep unless you had an established tank. Before we purchased ours the staff member feed them all and suggested we pick one that we saw eating. Ours just swims around and constantly pecks at the live rock. He also waits down the feeding end of the tank at dinner time, along with the rest of them!
  11. Hello and welcome!! For our 6ft we have a sump, but started out with a UV canister filter. Do yourself a favour and go see the guys at Age of Aquariums at Browns Plains. If you tell them you're a forum member you get a discount. These guys really know their stuff and aren't just trying to make a sale.
  12. Pretty spoilt catfish! Some plant life around the pond once it's done will look awesome!
  13. Good sign when you discover the little live rock critters.
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  15. We tried peppermint shrimp as well. They were happy, and did a great job until our wrasse got bigger...
  16. Hello and welcome!! Nice looking tank so far, I look forward to seeing more pics.
  17. Lucky that worked for you [MENTION=89]borntobreed[/MENTION] I've heard that aptasia can harm corals by stinging them. How big a bubble coral would be needed?
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  19. I'm pretty lucky that AOA is just down the road from me. Amazing customer service, excellent product knowledge and advice.
  20. Wow. Very impressive project. Can't wait to see more pics.
  21. Nice size pond. What are you going to stock it with once it's done?
  22. Like Donny said the Aptasia X is the best stuff to kill them. Make a game of it. Copper banded Butterfly fish eat them too, although I think that ours is now more interested in the food that the other fish eat.
  23. Very nice. I like how you've shown the work in progress.
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