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  1. thanks all. i've never had to deal with it so its just one of those thigns if you dont ask you dont know and it really bugged me not having a back up plan if it did occur.
  2. nice work Wogboy if you have the crossbow lets start to hangout haha
  3. is there any truth about the good bacteria dying off forcing you to recycle the tank?
  4. out of curiosity i'd love feedback if someone has gone through this ordeal as I've pondered it and i can only think of buying a generator. Since storming season is approaching what are your plans if the power goes out for example and doesnt come back for lets say (hypothetically) a 24hr period. Love to know thoughts as i've lost sleep over what i'd do. will stability and air stones suffice and for how long until bacteria dies and you have to cycle the tank.
  5. I've come to realise fronts are like the cats of the fish world. Don't want to see you and only want to see you for food
  6. Shon you are spot on but I love them and they're beautiful. I used to have trophs and they were always energetic and I got to hand feed them. I was just hoping there was a fish that was like a toga but a tang lol😊
  7. They don't hug the bottom as such just don't lik going past mid way point of tank so there's just a lot of tank space. I guess it doesn't help they're babies.
  8. I have some Fronts and Comps in my tank and my comps are awesome and active but fronts being fronts super shy so a lot of my tank space is very unused from them being bottom dwellers. Is there a tang that prefers the top layer of the Tank that won't upset my community?
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