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  1. If they breed then I'm pretty sure it's legal to sell and for people to own as it was bred in Australia. As for the price they are not cheap and demand is there for them but the quantities are not. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Hi I sold some plants the buyer paid then gave his address now that's fine but he is in WA. Im new to posting plants but what I've read online is that it's illegal to post aquarium plants to wa? Is this correct? Thinking I should just refund if it's illegal
  3. Hey guys and girls, I am after a tank for my shrimp as the current tank is way to small. I have a 250a chiller and a 2000l power head atm the chiller output really blows everything in my tank around to much so I am looking for a new tank any size recommendations ? Atm my tank is 20l
  4. Yep gumtree for aquarium stuff is always hit n miss I learnt not to buy any 2nd hand electronic gear off gumtree from when I got my chiller a month or so back. Lucky for me I got it fixed without spending much but the situation could have been a lot worse
  5. Found the cause it's the recent chiller I put on I thought I cleaned it all out but there still must be salt. Ph yesturday was 6.6 now it's 8
  6. I had to move my shrimp Tank Into garage I drained most the water out and left a couple of inches in there with the shrimp. I moved them in and re filled with the same water and added some new water to it. Instantly I had 1 death and lots of loss of colour, I tested the water last night and I had 6.6ph, 0.25 ammonia this might be the problem, and 0 nitrites. Today I had another death. Any ideas on how to stop this? I think the ammonia might be from the Ada soil that got shaken up
  7. Thanks Garry, yep saved a lot of $$ by giving it ago. And if I was to buy another used chiller I know what to look for
  8. Me and my father pulled it apart and got rid of all the salt and cleaned it up nicely, we also replaced the faulty switch with a new one and did a leak test by using some water based dye so it won't stain and flush right out. Found it leaking from the taps where the lock nut screws into place so we fixed that up and it's working well now.
  9. Okay so the switch is faulty it has 235v to it and there was lots of salt inside the unit, inside was also a little wet hence the faulty switch. Now I'm unsure if it could have been from me who only tilted the unit to its side a little bit to get in the car or if there is a leak from somewhere. Got told to get it checked over by someone who deals with them
  10. Taking it down to local electrician soon for quick test make sure it's grounded and insulated price cost $20 any work it's $70hr
  11. Would I have the right to get my money back? After all it was stated it works perfectly ? And have text messages to prove
  12. I just spent $250 on it told it was working fine
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