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  1. Thanks AH. I thought about copper sulfate but was worried about residual transfer to the shrimp or fish, though with low levels I’d imagine would actually be fine. I’m going to try the tub option in a few weeks - a cut-off IBC, with a pump included. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the advice AH99. I’ve only ever tried the alum approach (dipping, up to a couple of days) but wondered whether the salt or potassium permanganate ones would be more effective. Usually I’ve been too keen to get the plants in the tank. Really appreciate your views. Any thoughts on the tub proposal? Cheers, Adam.
  3. Thanks for the intel MFF. He’ll polish off the entirety of the Val plants. When he was younger we had a tank with a variety of plants (Val, moneywort, elodea, java fern, java moss, anubias on driftwood, hornwort). We were feeding him a higher amount of protein but a little too much, along with a small range of fruit and veg. After getting some advice from ‘turtle guru’ Craig Latta, we reduced his protein and he started going ballistic on plants. All plants apart from hornwort (sometimes he’ll even shred just for fun) became fair game. No more planting. Val and Elodea go in now, simply weighted down, plus hornwort, and watercress once a week or so. He gets turtle pudding 1-2 times a week, plus has a supply of shrimp and gudgeons which he’ll hunt when needed. He gets along well with the boesmanis and rainbow shark. The Val is the favourite - its natural turtle food. I was scoring oodles of it for free from local rivers & creeks but even with proper treatment of aluminium potassium sulfate you get a snail outbreak due to some eggs surviving, so hassles get created. Instead of another tank, I figured a reasonable sized tub would work, especially to produce alot and least amount of added extras. Interesting/good that you said no filter worked and thanks for the suggestion on fertilizer. Thoughts on a pump for circulation at least and reduce water changes? Cheers, Adam
  4. Hi Folks I have a freshwater community tank now but have a predicament to solve regarding needing alot of Vallisneria for my turtle. It is great for him due to the calcium levels and he loves the stuff but I purchase about 5 plants from my LFS every couple of weeks now. It’s becoming a bit of an expense. I thought about growing just Val in a separate aquarium but am now considering growing it outside in a 200-500L tub/pond given the amount required. If I was to go down that path: What substrate should I use – riversand, gravel, something else? What size agriculture tub/pond will be enough to keep producing enough to remove 5 plants every couple of weeks on average? How many plants should I put in initially and how long to leave for runners to get enough of a grow/remove process going? Will the pond need to be clear, or will enough light get in at the top using an opaque colour? Will I need a pond filter, a pump, or could it work without one (no movement)? Would full sun or part sun be the best (I was thinking largely full sun, covered in shadecloth)? Will I need to provide fertilizer and if so, how often and what type? Any advice on these queries or anything else people consider is useful would be great. Cheers Adam
  5. Great vid. They’re everywhere! Thanks for posting Mick.
  6. Hi Aqua,

    Any chance of getting that further detail on what creeks and parts of them that hold Vallisneria and Elodea? Also, the treatment process you recommend? Thanks in advance.

  7. Thanks Mick. Post and ye shall receive!
  8. Hi Folks, I haven’t been on here for years. How do you gain access to Trader Forums, or are they goneski?
  9. Back in the game but back to freshwater from marine. Got a turtle and a bit of a community tank going (6 mths), with 6 Boesmani rainbows, a rainbow shark, cherry shrimp, and mystery snails, plus plants.

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