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  1. Great vid. They’re everywhere! Thanks for posting Mick.
  2. Thanks again Aqua. You’re always helpful! After oodles of research we were giving Alex (turtle) quite a variety of fruit and veg for months to go with protein. However, contact with Craig Latta (Australia’s turtle guru) led us to stop all that. The only fruit or veg he gets now is what he would naturally eat, with watercress being the one exception - superfood for them the same as humans. Val and Elodea give the biggest bang for buck on a volume basis, as well as nutritionally good. Hence, focusing on them. I think it is analagous to feeding them red meat; they’ll live but almost certainly not as long or healthily. I’m planning on setting up a separate plant-only tank as the plant consumption ratio will increase. For now, some waterways collecting! Really appreciate all your advice. Cheers.
  3. Hi Again Aqua, I’ve got myself some Alum now. 250g powder. How much should I use per say 10L of water? Also, how long do you leave them in there to rid the plants of parasites, etc.? Thanks, Adam
  4. Hi Aqua,

    Any chance of getting that further detail on what creeks and parts of them that hold Vallisneria and Elodea? Also, the treatment process you recommend? Thanks in advance.

  5. Thanks a bunch for the info. aqua. What creeks and parts of them and are you able to expand on the treatment process? Cheers, Adam.
  6. Thanks Mick. Post and ye shall receive!
  7. Hi Folks, Anyone in the Springfield/Redbank (Qld) area that regularly has Vallisneria and Elodea? My short-necked turtle goes through about one a week and I can get them but have to drive a bit of distance. Cheers, Adam.
  8. Hi Folks, I haven’t been on here for years. How do you gain access to Trader Forums, or are they goneski?
  9. Back in the game but back to freshwater from marine. Got a turtle and a bit of a community tank going (6 mths), with 6 Boesmani rainbows, a rainbow shark, cherry shrimp, and mystery snails, plus plants.

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