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    60 Gallon ( 227 litre ) tank! Beautifully spotted Pleco, and:

    Electric blue
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    2 red zebra's ( Female breeding :) 20 little babies!
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  1. Hello everyone! I just bought a 15 cm Red Jewel that is most likely a male, and he is in the tank with the other three 7cm jewels. I think that 2 of the three smaller jewels are females, as their fins are less tapered than the other ones. Would they breed if they were this different in length? The new male is bigger than double the others.......Thank you in advance!
  2. My apologies!..... They are around 7-8 cm! (I used an online ruler that didn't correctly adjust to my screen resolution....) Thanks for the info! If the fry are deformed, I will definitely get a new pair! They are also a very dull grey colour....Is this normal for them when they have just been put in a new tank? Also, when would I expect them to pair up and breed? Thank you for your help!
  3. Hello again! I just got three red jewels today!!! They are all about 13cm long. As I want to breed them, would it be bad if they inbred as they are from the same family??? I don't want to go through the trouble of selling them and finding more!!! Please help!
  4. Thanks pk33! So please correct me if I am wrong: I have about 6 - 10 Red Jewel juvies in the tank to start out with, I then wait for them to grow up and pair off, After they have paired I leave remaining red jewels IN the tank with the pair, I wait for them to breed and after the eggs have hatched and they are free swimming, I siphon the baby's out and place them in a grow out tank? Can I leave the baby's in the big tank for the pair to raise? Thank you so much everybody for your help! Sorry about the gallons thing... I am new to this forum so thanks for helping me out!
  5. Thanks pony-tail! I will have a look at Smith's! So Once the guys have formed a pair, I just leave the other 4 or so jewels in their with them? Won't they eat the baby's? Thank you so much for your help!
  6. I am planning to breed red forest jewels, In a 60 gallon tank. I would like to know a couple of things please! Is this tank too big to breed them in? Am I supposed to have other fish in their as i heard that the male will kill the female and eat the babies if there is no other predatory fish? How many fish am I supposed to have? Also, do you know where i could get some of them? Any help about them would be great, as I am very eager to breed them!!! Thank you very much in advance.
  7. Hi guys! This may sound like a ridiculous question, however I am new to this forum. I was wondering, how do you create a thread?
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