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  1. Hey Guys, I am back, sorry I was so busy with work and other sturf... my colonies are going okay after my bloat issue... lost few fish over the last few months... mostly due to tank aggression... I will take a few photos and post here...
  2. Hey mate, after treatment my fish are okay again.. I lost 9 fish... I think the cause was too much salt and over feeding. All fixed now...
  3. Hi Andrew, I keep tropheus and love them... I have kept Frontosa before (not many about 10). Both are exciting fish to keep. However Tropheus are more demanding if you ask me.. I just had a bout of bloat and lost 9 fish... Frontosas are more colorful so your wife could be right ... either way good luck.. you can always have two tanks and keep both...
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  5. Tabs are 400mg. Thats my hospital tank.. Main tank is over 350 L. I have the sick fish in the smaller tank. (They are babies anyway... only 4cm fish). Hospital tank is a 2 x 1 x 1 ... Actual literrage would be 45-50 L as I only filled it to 80%
  6. Thank you ! so half to 3/4 tablet or so for 45 L tank ? Also How long should I treat them for ? Cheers ...M
  7. Hi Folks, One of my Tropheus tanks got hit with bloat. I have started treating them with Metro and Epsom salt. Could someone please let me know the dosages and the treatment regime ? I just wanted to make sure I am not doing anything wrong.... Dosage for Metro, Epsom salt, How many days and the frequency of water changes would be good to know. Also should I feed the fish during the treatment or not ? Thank you !!
  8. Hey Guys, I think Eretmodus cyanostictus blue spot Kipili (Goby)is one of those underrtaed cichlids in Australia. You can get W/C under $50 each. I have 6 and love them to bits... very interesting to watch...
  9. I collected my 6 W/C Eretmodus cyanostictus blue spot Kipili from Grant Parks yesterday... Nice fish... They are eating okay at the moment... very excited to have my very first W/C fish...
  10. Hahahaha.. I though the same thing...
  11. Cheers.. thanks mate.
  12. Sorry Donny, what is ftw ? i have no idea what that means
  13. Thank you ! Yeah, i have already looked at a 5x2x2 tank. . I will get that... Thanks again..
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