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  1. Might need to come see you as well when I have this new tank built. I know you breed some of the smaller tangs that I want, plus if they are as good as the pics they are of awesome quality
  2. Yeah, it's a matter of finding the good ones for sale. Got tired of getting babies as I like to watch fish grow up and the colour they had came up great just not as good as you see from wild caughts (obviously) or even 5 or 6 times down that line. Who imports them or where can I buy the imported ones? Yes I'm talking about tangs too. I have a very noce colony of Kigoma fronnies and got some orange bemba tropheus but the tropheus's orange on the males didn't come out with the full band and the other section that I would think should be orange has come off in a grey sort of colour.
  3. Hi All, Yes it's been a very long time since I've been on here. Been busy with work, reno's and keeping the missus happy. Since I've been away I have noticed that fish quality is becoming hard to find (colourings of fish not as good). I've heard a few things as to why but the main reason that keeps popping up is that the fish have been bred that much here in Australia that most likely every fish is related a bit to close. Just wondering (don't have to mention it on here just pm me if you'd like) who gets their fish imported or has had fish imported from Africa? Who did you use? and what was the quality like? I had another idea of doing a trip over there getting the required permits or working with someone that has them and catching my own, but that's a wild idea and may do it later on down the track. Shane
  4. Seems like the way to go with the fibreglass as you know it will be water tight and the only place it can leak is your viewing panels. 8x4 would be nice just need to find somewhere in the house for 8x4 but hey its my place I suppose I can build extensions??? Plenty of ideas on the net though in regards to the plywood tanks
  5. I was looking at the plywood tanks some people have made and the sizes you can get with them. Just wondering if anyone has made one of these before and if they used fibreglass like most of them have or the liquid rubber? Think I'm going to start with one of these maybe in the size range of 7x3x2 or 8x3x2. Not sure yet but still looking about at designs and ideas
  6. Think I might look at extending the rear shed and building a nice big plywood tank in there after looking at the monsterfishkeepers site...
  7. Goldenswimmers that was the idea I was thinking, not sure though if I'd have if as fresh or saltwater but it would be nice just to have it as part of the house just wondering how I'd go about it and where in the house
  8. So I could have a 20 000ltr tank and no need for a permit or anything well from a DPI point of view???
  9. Hey all, Just wondering what the size limit is on an aquarium? I have been trying to look around on the net but no luck trying to find sizes.
  10. Awesome, thanks all for your help. I'll be looking for those books today, and I will look at getting that book about breeding and growing coral as it might've better to have a separate system just growing coral frags incase I decide on a change of scenery or as usual another tank.
  11. Howdy all, I'm looking at starting into marine as I've seem to have done pretty well with freshwater. I'm wanting to get into marine as later on when I build my own home I'm going to be building a tank into it and I think marine would be the way to go due to the colours and personality and the wow factor. Firstly though I want to read up on marine aquariums, so I was wondering if anyone out there can give me some advice on a couple of good books to get? If anyone could help that would be great. I have been searching the net and watching YouTube clips and some of them have been good. Cheers for looking and I hope someone out there can point me in the right direction. Shane
  12. I use to go and do the samething. Had a good old spot where I always caught plenty for a feed. I might even go catch a few and see about breeding them just for food. Tried my mixture last night, put in 3 cubes and the *******s stuck there nose up in the air at them. Think I spoilt them to much when they were younger with the good stuff. But I'll keep on trying this stuff until it runs out.
  13. I went out today and got some whiting fillets, prawns, peas, left over spirulina and a little bit of garlic. Put it all in a food processor, slopped it all into ice-cube trays and now it's in the freezer hope it's going to go well otherwise I'll be spewing. Went to smiths to get the krill but they had none left. Might try a cube or 2 now as its been about 6hrs since I made it. I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. Hey chickadee where abouts do you get that ocean nutrition frozen krill from??? When I use to feed them that stuff they coloured up a heap better but then where i use to get it from stopped selling the krill.
  15. Hey Haku do you put all that in a blender and pour into ice cube trays???
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