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  1. I have mine breeding in a 2ft x 1ft x 1ft, with other fish in the tank next to them i don't have any issues with the male and female fighting. They protect their young very well. Just to be safe I took the fry out once they were "free" swimming i.e not just hanging on the bottom of the tank. Then feed them like you do any fry.
  2. I have a breeding pair that i want to sell, PM Sent.
  3. I removed them once they were free swimming. They are in a grow out tank
  4. And they are at it again!
  5. I was going to change it to sand but heard its hell to keep clean. Its only black because thats all i had. Yeah pretty stoked with your yellows Doug. Iv been looking for more mouthfuls every hour haha
  6. They were wriggling this morning so id say the parents will move them to a pit today while im at work. Hopefully they dont eat them and ill be able to get a photo tonight
  7. Yeah im more worried about a little bit of spash during water changes hitting the plugs :S hopefully will find time to sort it out tomorrow. As for the lights, yeah i have priced up a few differnt types. But its the same boat as the styrofoam once i get the new racking it could all change. I dont wanna go wasting $$$ if its going to change.
  8. Here is a pic of my whole setup. Im still on the hunt for some bargain 3 foot lights and im yet to clean up my nest of power cables underneath.
  9. Thanks Donny, I was going to put strofoam under them but i changed my plans a little and im going to go get some racking from bunnings in the next few weeks so i didnt bother for now.
  10. Picked up the awesome yellows today from [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION]. Got them in the tank then went and had a nap... like ya do... and boom! One mouth is full already!
  11. Pretty excited to see my 4 forest jewels pair off and lay eggs!!!! Sorry for the bad photos... it was a mixture of crappy phone and shaking with nervous excitement?
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