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  2. Hey there Loft, short term yes. I used to deal mono's and scat's on a regular basis many years ago. I would catch juveniles in estuary enviroments and turn them to fresh over a week or two, treat them then forward them on to public dealers. After 4-6 months as they begin to mature they develop and unless they are provided with a decent brackish/salt water they will begin to waste away and die. I have heard others have had success, but as far as I know as they mature so do certain organs that are designed to tolerate salt
  3. Shouldnt be real noticeable on the glass being painted, even better if they are high in the tank too above where the light hits the glass. Ive painted a few simply to cover scratches, light blue paint shows the shadow of the scratch and looks like hairs on the glass. Black paint you wont notice anything. All good mate
  4. Scratches on the glass being painted or the front? Depends on colour. Scratches on the front of the tank catch and reflect light regardless but will be more visible with a dark background.
  5. Hi, I seen your previous post regarding the oscar that wont grow and now you have a severum with a flared gill, it might be worth treating your tank for internal parasites if you havnt already
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply, so if I went with say 5x hatchets, 6-10x ember tetras and a pair/trio of apisto's would the catfish need to go to another tank to spawn? The pair Im looking at are around 18cm not counting the string hanging off the tail, at that size does the male have visible whiskers?
  7. Just wondering what are suitable tankmates for a pair of whiptail catfish? They will be housed in a standard 4ft tank
  8. Painted the rear of the tank black and incorperated a hidden area in the background for the heater and filter
  9. I had this spare 2x2x1 1/2ft tank and thought it would be great for a pair of apisto's or rams and 6 ember tetras. I made the 3d background with lots of ledges and caves, the tank has settled in nicely and ph is a stable 5.5-6 at the moment waiting for the plants to grow and fill out a bit
  10. Cool tank, nice mix. If it works for you then do it
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  14. Thanks for the feed back fellas, what sort of lighting? I have a double light housing and I have a brand new repti-sun/repti glo tube that I was going to use and was going to get one of those purple looking aquarium tubes as well. Will definately post some pics dr. Rob, I pick up the tank then I have to leave to go to the gold coast for a few days work, I want to deck it out straight away cos Im an impatient **** but will get em up as I go along. I might check out some lfs down there for inspiration too
  15. Just looking for advice on setting up a new tank for my young oscars. Im picking up a 4 and a half ft tank monday and just wanted advice on what colour gravel and tank backing etc to promote the colour. They are only dirty old tiger oscars but I got given them as fry and have grown on me are around 15cm now. I have some really big driftwood pieces to go in. This is the first tank the missus is letting me put in the lounge room and I want it to really pop. Any advice or ideas will be great. Cheers Ryan
  16. Hi all, this is the first fish forum I have be:eyebrows:en on. I have been breeding cichlids on and off for a while and to save on heating/power recently started mucking around with rainbow fish. Im concentrating on some unusual crimson bow's at the moment (not hybrids) and Im interested in getting some paradise fish as soon as I sort out my fish room. I have two oscars that are more like dogs/kids. Im on the lookout for some cracker paradise fish and dont mind travelling gold,sunshine coast brissy etc. Cheers Ryan
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