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  1. This one is his first batch around 15cm from mouth to tail
  2. Sounds like an internal parasite are they in a community tank.Will need a pic to look at it. Flowerhorn are best to kept in a tank by themselves and please check your water parameters.
  3. Water conditions are very important for any fish, Flowerhorns are no exceptional PH around 7.6 to 8 is good Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 and Nitrate less than 20ppm are the best but never allowed it to go over 40ppm temp around 28 to 30 celcius. High protein pellets is recommended anything above 45.This is just my opinion
  4. Thanks everyone for their kind comments !
  5. This is Him now Kok is getting bigger day by day
  6. Sorry for the late respond john22 nah as a matter of fact sold my female a week a go waiting/looking for a another female . Not in a rush to breed just want to enjoy the beauty of flowerhorns might be getting another male soon . Still waiting for breeders to send some pics Lol
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