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  1. All Discus are SOLD PENDING at the moment
  2. 1 x Blue Diamond, 1 x yellow Checker, 1x red Turquoise, 1 yellow Marlboro 5 to 6cm 1x 8 cm Yellow Pigeon All red checkers on hold. Due to down sizing I have no option but to sell my discus. Send me an offer no reasonable offer will be refuse will do a great deal if take all 5. P/U only at Everton Park
  3. Closing down tank 1 proven pair Koi angel lay every 2 to 3 weeks approximately 14 to 16cm, 4 X 6cm x 8cm Koi, 2 x white marble 6 to 8 cm 2 platinum 6 to 8cm, 2x Albino platinum. They all very healthy had them since young. Will do a great deal if take everything. Pick up only at Everton Park.
  4. Change of plan decided to let go my rare Albino Silver Arowana around 30cm. Prefect specimen of the dragon fish! No drop eyes, perfect fins and shape very healthy and pellets trained. Will consider any reasonable offer. Pick up only at Everton Park. Genuine buyer only no time waster please! Can provide more photos and videos if interested.
  5. This one is his first batch around 15cm from mouth to tail
  6. Sounds like an internal parasite are they in a community tank.Will need a pic to look at it. Flowerhorn are best to kept in a tank by themselves and please check your water parameters.
  7. Water conditions are very important for any fish, Flowerhorns are no exceptional PH around 7.6 to 8 is good Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 and Nitrate less than 20ppm are the best but never allowed it to go over 40ppm temp around 28 to 30 celcius. High protein pellets is recommended anything above 45.This is just my opinion
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