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  1. At the moment I have them in as a display but setting up a breeding rack for species specific ! i understand the importance of not cross breeding and just getting a feel for them and how to keep them correctly before I get carried away but will definitely do it right when breeding and make sure they stay pure strains and not cross breed!
  2. I have them set up in a corner aquarium with a water capacity equivalent too or close too a 4x2x2. i have a sand bottom heaps of rocky areas n crevices I have made pvc caves just big enough for the girls with caps on one end also different size shells thrown in as well! the whole tank includes six pairs in total a mix of black and white calvus yellow comps and four juliodecromis a pair and two small ones! Might be another pair of comps but don't remember there name might be firetales but don't think that's right!
  3. Yeah my tanks 6x2x2 I'm just having low light plants using the t5 s for that and the led just of a night time to watch my fish not so much for the plants! And how much co2 would you use on a tank that big?
  4. My males are around 70 mm and girls maybe 40 mm yeah I use pretreated water for water changes and I'm using searchem tang buffer and my temps around 27 degrees!
  5. Sweet I'll do small more frequent changes! would you have any other advice or tricks on keeping these fish I'm only just getting into them and any advice would be appreciated!
  6. Just wondering about leds for a planted six foot wat would be the correct ones to use? will also be using t5s once I get them!
  7. Sweet I'll try all those things! how often do you guys suggest water changes for calvus should it be thirty percent a week of more frequent?
  8. Hi I was just chasing some advice on wat people are feeding there calvus and comps? and any advice on keeping them healthy ?
  9. So the update on my planted tank as it stands most the plants are ok but I keep getting this green fuzzy looking slime now that is taking over my plants it's like green stringy fur I grab it out frequently and change my water within a week it's back and it's really hard to pull it away from my mosses without destroying them how do I get rid of it? The cherry shrimp and endlers don't mind it though!
  10. Well there you go learnt something new! I knew there was a reference to axelrod and Brazil somehow and did say please correct me if I'm wrong! And have also learnt to google things instead of listening to other hobbyists in fear of giving me misguided information lesson learnt!
  11. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the cardinal was discovered by Herbert j axelrod in Brazil I might be wrong but the neon come from Asia and can't be bred in captivity so I'm assuming there all wild caught funny though two fish very similar but come from very different parts of the world!
  12. Hi what's everybody's thoughts on prices of the neon tetra sure enough a beautiful fish and in a school look amazing and I'm sure a lot of hobbyists have kept them at one time or another but lately I've only seen them for about $3.95 each and no bulk discounts does that seem a lot or is it just me considering you can get the larger cardinal tetra for a dollar or so extra and they seem to be hardier!
  13. Yeah I was thinking display geos! Big colony!
  14. Hey guys just want some ideas on stocking an eight x two x two any thoughts?
  15. Thanks for the ideas guys I'll give them a try I was thinking elodea floating aswell but maybe to coarse and @ grubby the ponds work better you say I was thinking about ibc for rainbow ponds wat do you think? But I'm trying in tanks as well hardest part is tracking down different species but thanks too a few people I'm starting to find a few types which leades to my next question anyone know anybody with female parkinsons rainbows?
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