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  1. Still available, I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow.
  2. List updated, I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow.
  3. Hi all, I have some Lombardi and crimson tide fry up to size, 3-4cms @ $4ea, shipping is available starting at $30 a box. If interested, please either reply here or phone me on 0411263007. Cheers Scott
  4. Hi all, I have the following display males for sale. Shipping is available starting at $30 a box. Fish are $10ea.0 Lombard SOLD Redfin kadangos Baenschi peacocks Albino afra Afra cobue SOLD Super red hongi Crimson tide Livingstonii SOLD Salousi female If interested, please contact me on 0411 263 007 or reply here
  5. I agree with you Bill, my biggest hate was the total opposite, people who just showed unannounced at 6-7-8 o'clock at night and expect to see your fish , chew your ears off for an hr or 2 , buy $10 worth of fish and think they've done you a favor, we're my haters, no showers are easy, either move their phone number or email to the junk setting and you won't hear or see them anymore. If John's been in the game for some time , then you'd think he would be used to it by now, and maybe just wanted to vent . if you go through the pages on this forum , he isn't the first to vent and won't be the last, only thing in common with it, is usually on the last couple of posts , there usually quirky little comments to help cheer the person up a bit, because the problem isn't going away any time soon. As Sonofhud said , can someone please give John a hug
  6. Obviously, someone is new to fish keeping / trading and it's dark side, probably thought they'd make a million dollars out of it too. Cheers up Johny it been happening for decades on all sites.
  7. Im even cheaper , I use a $1 plastic strainer and a 2L icecream container, cheap and effective
  8. Hi Tom Is that drift wood / timber in the bottom pic, if so, it will drag the ph down pretty quick , as well.
  9. No worries mate, I'm just glad you and the fish made it home safe, as we all know , the state of the Bruce is like a goat track from Gympie north.
  10. That's only a low ph test kit, most town waters come out the tap at about 7.8, going from memory, also, is that a terracotta pot, if so, that may bring the ph down a bit.
  11. Depending on when you come through , Winston, I may come down to the highway and have a quick catchup .
  12. Your right Jason, it is hard for us to try and convince people ^ that dog sh i t smells and looks as pretty as roses ^ but some people have the knack for it, and I guess , that's where some of the different strains come into play.
  13. I've already got the montezuma swords and they just look like a dirty green sword, in my opinion,.
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