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  1. For all you tropical lovers out there, can anyone tell me what's the difference between the new "Santa swords" compared to the old " koi swordtails ". Both are red / orange - white. Looking at getting some for my troughs.
  2. Yeah, I've mainly only done salt water fishing, but I've used spangled perch in both and caught fish with them.
  3. No worries mate, but I'm up in the Gladstone region and there all over the place up here, I haven't used them for bait as such, but I have used spangled perch for bait and did alright.
  4. No to sure on the coal grunters, but I've kept the black banded and target fish, both are pretty cool fish if you have 1 or 2 in a tank , but once you go over the 2, they school up on a target and don't stop until it's cleaned up, pretty interesting to watch, until it's one of your prized fish.
  5. I thought that was just common knowledge , same goes with the spangled perch. I've seen fresh and salt water garfish flick mangrove leaves and pieces of weed , out of the water, looking for food.
  6. Hi all , looking to buy some lithobates, grayshaki, full blaze elecie blues, crimnson tides, if there is any around , let me know. Fish will need to be shipped up to Gladstone. Cheers Scott 0411263007
  7. How far are you willing to travel, I have a few tanks that I'm not currently using.
  8. Looks like a young marbled / ob throw back . Looks like a male going by the points on the anal and dorsal fins.
  9. Strangest one I saw was dolphins x venustus , the fry were in a pet shop in Mackay and looked pretty normal venustus shape and coloration, then I saw some parents in a pet shop in Gladstone, and a venustus with a dolphins hump, is weird.
  10. I haven't seen any good striggs since losing my colonie in the move , which is a bummer, because they are a beautiful fish.
  11. That wouldn't surprise me, in the waterways of Gladstone, there is all sorts , from oscars, to red devils, and others.
  12. 1 looks like a bleeding heart tetra 2 congo tetra 3 maybe female crimson spot rainbow 4 ?? tetra, the names on the top of my tongue 5 female rad or rainbow of some type 6 maybe a keyhole , or other small south american.
  13. Cheers mate, I'm already using the coloured pull apart ones(both floating & sinking ) atm , so , I'll try the light acid bath you suggested and give them a good cleaning. And I'll try the no airstone approach, but don't know how it will go with the corner filters, but , thank you for the advice that I never really thought off.. Cheers Scott
  14. Thanks mate for the helpful tips, I never really thought about using no airstones, as airstones are a basic requirement to everyday fishkeeping, we are tought from the first tank we ever owned. I'll also take into consideration the no / bigger cornering with the main I have already. Once again , thank you. Cheers Scott
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