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  1. I also have the following fry ready to go. All are $5ea or $3.50ea for bulk (50+). P.s. salousl (all sizes) Fuelibourni Albino afra Placid. Blue otter Redfin kadango P.s. cyaneus . Located in Bracewell ( Gladstone district ) or shipping is available for $20 a box via fastway couriers. Cheers Scott 0447127218
  2. hareysfish

    Display male Africans

    I also have some Sulphur crested lithobates Mel. Mainagano Mel. Northern blues. Will also swap for fish of interest. Cheers Scott 0447127218
  3. Hi all, I have for sale several display male Africans . All are $10ea. Located in Bracewell (Gladstone district ) otherwise, shipping is available from $20 a box via fastway couriers. I have the following. Baenschi peacock Eureka red peacock Redfin kadango Super red hongi Electric blue White knight Albino afra Afra cobue If interested, please, either reply here or phone me on 0447127218.
  4. hareysfish

    African Cichlids

    Mate, what size fish are you chasing, I've got some fry and display males available, i can ship down to you. Cheers Scott
  5. hareysfish

    Feeding bristlenose vegetables

    Pumpkin, if you want to put a nice colour through them.
  6. hareysfish

    Fry Savers

    I just use ice cream containers with an air stone in it. No expense except for a belly full of ice cream.
  7. hareysfish

    Large tanks and rental properties

    That's what contents insurance is for.
  8. They probably just came through the tap water, during water changes, like trumpet snails do.
  9. hareysfish

    Air Frieght Large Fish

    I would be more inclined to using a couple of box liners instead of the norm big bags, otherwise you may be ableto get some anesthetic from a lfs to slow them down a bit in the box.
  10. hareysfish

    Air Frieght Large Fish

    Not that much different from small fish, except 1 fish a box. Only real difference is that it wouldn't hurt to fast them a bit longer than small fish, say 3 -5 days, instead of 1-2 days.
  11. hareysfish

    African Cichlid Fry Tank Clean Up Crew?

    I've got cory's in my fry tanks and I'm on bore water with no problems.
  12. hareysfish

    Golden Rosy Barbs

    They should be okay. I have bred the "chilli" rosy barbs in our cement trough, and survived through winter.
  13. hareysfish

    To see or not to see

    I've got a snake neck turtle about 20cms shell that does my culling ., or if they are lucky , they go into my mum's mutant tank with the lucky fry with one eye or has a cigar mouth, bent spine etc , certainly makes for an interesting tank But I reckon a mud crab would be a pretty cool pet to have, but I don't think it would last to long in my tank , as I reckon , it would hit the boiling water , pretty quick
  14. hareysfish

    To see or not to see

    Not from a wholesaler, just a list of what's available ,weekly. Maybe from private breeders, they may have pics or vids
  15. hareysfish

    To see or not to see

    most of my fish are brought site unseen, basically there isn't the fish I'm chasing locally , so have to go interstate / Aus wide to get what I'm chasing. Yeah , you get some bad batches of fish , and you just don't buy from those people/ lfs's again , and if people ask about them, you warn against them, show them the sh$t quality of what you brought. I normally don't go back to the breeder or lfs and argue the point of the quality , and just put it down to a bad investment. And only buy fish from people that I've had good fish from. I've received sh$t quality fish from almost all states , so no state is immuned to sh$t quality fish.