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  1. I have albino sailfins and commons , a couple at about 25cms and a couple of smaller ones at about 15cms. They don't get fed any thing special, just what the africans get.
  2. Well, I can understand that the bristlenoses will eventually be food, they don't have any armour on them, except for the spikes on their chins, I've got large and small Plecos as tank cleaners, and they do a fairly good job, better than bristlenoses , it may be different in a native tank.
  3. Why don't you buy a pleco or 2 to do the job for you.
  4. Hi all, I've got the following fry available . All fry are $3,50ea and shipping is available, starting at $20 a box. If interested, either reply here or phone me on 0411263007. Redfin kadangos 4-6cms Salousi 3-6cms Albino afra 3-6cms Afra cobue 2cms Fuelibourni 3-4cms Placid. Blue otter 4-5cms Elongatus chewere 3-5cms S.c. lithobates 3-4cms White knights 3-4cms Cheers Scott
  5. hareysfish

    Cichlids Fighting Help

    If you want to cut out most of the aggression, remove the females out of your tank, with a male only display tank, there is no reason for the males to fight, unless you want to breed , then stick with the one specie and breed.
  6. hareysfish

    Display male Africans

    Still plenty available.
  7. hareysfish

    African fry 4 sale

    Still plenty available.
  8. hareysfish

    African fry 4 sale

    Still plenty available and price dropped to $3.50ea, Cheers Scott
  9. hareysfish

    Display male Africans

    Plenty still available. Cheers Scott
  10. hareysfish

    Display male Africans

    Dan, can you please p. m me your phone number or call me on 0447127218 as I haven't shipped to the Isa before. Cheers Scott
  11. hareysfish

    Display male Africans

    Hi mate, I've got plenty left, I'll try and find out on who I can ship them out to you with. Cheers Scott
  12. hareysfish

    African fry 4 sale

    Still available if anyone is interested in any. Cheers Scott
  13. I have available the following male africans. All roughly around the 7-10cms and are all $10ea. Electric blues White knight Marbled peacock Redfin kadango. Baenschi peacock Mel. Northern blue Afra cobue Albino Afra P.s. salousi S.c. lithobates Shipping available . If interested, either reply here or phone me on 0447127218. Located in the Gladstone area.
  14. hareysfish

    African fry 4 sale

    P.s. cyaneus sold , thanks to buyers. I'll be shipping in the next couple of weeks if anyone wants to get anything shipped.
  15. hareysfish

    Diy sponge media

    Or use a 2L coke bottle, they work in the same manner,.