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  1. I'd probably say it's from a temperature spike, after the water change, presuming you run a heater, and not adding hot water during fill up, stable temperature, cold water added, and it takes a bit for a heater to get back to a stable temperature again, that's why I don't do full on water changes, this time of the year. If it was just rain water added, why do another water change, just add some salt and bi carb soda , or african salts, instead of putting the fish through another temp. spike. Just a thought.
  2. And you'll probably need another 3 k, to feed em each year.
  3. Have had no response, colonie sold elsewhere . Cheers Scott
  4. I've got an older colonie of Fuelibourni, 1m3f+2f. They are the apricot females/ clean skins ( not ob females). $60 . I can ship down to you via fastways . Shit pics, but that's what they look like. Cheers Scott 0411 263 007
  5. Lanotec is made up using lamb / mutton fats and oils, hence the food grade, have you inspected the impeller, as to why its noisy, fin broken off, snail or small rock caught up in the impeller, hair or weed wrapped up around the shaft, are usual suspects to a noisy impeller. I'd be checking that first before putting a lubricant / oil into my water.
  6. Here is a couple of pics of the strigs that I was breeding , when I was in Gladstone. And as you said, there not very common any more, even the comps a a bit hit and miss, at finding some.. Your tank will be full of color , even with the females , of the species in there , have good colouration, not just a plain brown or grey.
  7. There one of my old time favourites, aswell, but the strigatus only out do them with color and shape.
  8. Just leave them in there, natural nutrition will lower the numbers , as well as being eaten by other fish. And think, you'll have a clean tank
  9. Yeah mate, I've had a couple of snakes myself, only one now, but have been tagged by both critters , and know who has the worst tag out of them.
  10. Yes John, I worked on a trawler for 13yrs and have been chased around the deck by plenty of them, I know what's in between those lips of there's. I was only having a joke with it.
  11. If you want a basic filter for a 4fter, go a aqua one hang on filter, no holes need drilling, easy to setup and clean , and moves the water around and pretty cheap.
  12. I wouldn't worry about the extra legs, just a couple of extra middle braces will be enough and screw in the legs will make the stand good enough for the tank.
  13. It will work, but you could also screw 2 -3 horizontal braces in the middle to held even out the load, especially if you are going to put heavy rocks / ornaments in there.
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