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  1. 1 looks like a bleeding heart tetra 2 congo tetra 3 maybe female crimson spot rainbow 4 ?? tetra, the names on the top of my tongue 5 female rad or rainbow of some type 6 maybe a keyhole , or other small south american.
  2. I'll try and find out for you , either latter on today or tomorrow.
  3. Hi all, I have the following fry available for sale in the Gladstone area, all are $3.50ea or swap for fish of interest, and range in the 3-6cms mark . Shipping is available starting at $20a box. Albino afra Afra cobue Salousi Redfin kadangos Lombardi Maingaino Baenschi peacocks Fuelibourni Some display males also ready for $10ea. If interested, either reply here or phone me on 0411263007.
  4. Cheers mate, I'm already using the coloured pull apart ones(both floating & sinking ) atm , so , I'll try the light acid bath you suggested and give them a good cleaning. And I'll try the no airstone approach, but don't know how it will go with the corner filters, but , thank you for the advice that I never really thought off.. Cheers Scott
  5. Thanks mate for the helpful tips, I never really thought about using no airstones, as airstones are a basic requirement to everyday fishkeeping, we are tought from the first tank we ever owned. I'll also take into consideration the no / bigger cornering with the main I have already. Once again , thank you. Cheers Scott
  6. Thanks mate for the replies, when I was in town I used 2 x LP100's on a free flowing ring for about 80 tanks , with not much of a problem , but now, I'm using bore and rain water mixed, on about 40 tanks , I'm finding the airstones are blocking up more frequently, naturally with the extra minerals in the bore water, so I was thinking about blocking of one end to keep the pressure up , or keep it free flowing and just keep cleaning the airstones.
  7. What is people's ideas on airline ringmains, have one end blocked or have the ringmain free flowing , for better performance and easier going on the pumps.
  8. You know it's dry when you come home from work, to feed your fish , when you come across this little surprise. Silly bugger, if he picked the tank below, it would of been a bit warmer, as it had a heater in it
  9. Looks to me, like an injury, either from lip locking /, feeding etc. I'd try some melifex or maybe some meth blue, if you have a spare hospital tank, as to not stain your main tank blue.
  10. I have albino sailfins and commons , a couple at about 25cms and a couple of smaller ones at about 15cms. They don't get fed any thing special, just what the africans get.
  11. Well, I can understand that the bristlenoses will eventually be food, they don't have any armour on them, except for the spikes on their chins, I've got large and small Plecos as tank cleaners, and they do a fairly good job, better than bristlenoses , it may be different in a native tank.
  12. If you want to cut out most of the aggression, remove the females out of your tank, with a male only display tank, there is no reason for the males to fight, unless you want to breed , then stick with the one specie and breed.
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