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  1. Looks like I'll be shipping next Wednesday if anyone is interested in any. Cheers Scott
  2. All are available again ( except for the blues ) as buyer has pulled out of the sale. Looks like I'll be shipping next Wednesday if anyone is interested. Cheers Scott
  3. Hi mate, I used to have the lions cove , but I haven't heard of any since moving on my colonie, hope you find some.
  4. No worries mate, I'll get numbers for you today and P.m. you.
  5. I can , either by road or air freight. Road is cheaper and more convenient for me.
  6. Hi Ray, I have a few left , about 10 , I think. Cheers Scott
  7. Hi all, I've got excess pieces of slate, flat rock and coral to my needs. $50 the lot, located in the Gladstone area. Phone number is 0411263007. Cheers Scott
  8. Looks to me, like an injury, either from lip locking /, feeding etc. I'd try some melifex or maybe some meth blue, if you have a spare hospital tank, as to not stain your main tank blue.
  9. I have albino sailfins and commons , a couple at about 25cms and a couple of smaller ones at about 15cms. They don't get fed any thing special, just what the africans get.
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