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  1. Could anyone tell me a rough price for a 6x3x2.5 is to get built?
  2. Okay sweet sounds good what's the Vasoline for?
  3. Yeah they are both on the same side but tank is 800 high and really want the filter under the stand the people that had the fx5 before cut the hoses really short so need to do something anyway will have a look on mfk now
  4. So did you just glue/ silicon the connector bit to the new pipe to put it back to the canister?
  5. So I picked up an fx5 last week and the hoses have been cut to short to reach my tank but I don't really want to pay $50 a hose for the genuine ones has anyone else on here used anything else to make it work? Let me know
  6. Is marinepure just as good as matrix?
  7. Cheers fellas will get some of that what do you think of marinepure? And yeah was a good bargain it was only like 6 months old aswell
  8. Not to mention pick it up for a bargain $150 still pretty much like new
  9. Hey guys just picked up an fx5 tonight and was wondering what media would be best to use in it for my 5x2x3 has a single mangrove jack in it want to know what would be best?
  10. Nah not anymore sorry
  11. What is the best thing to feed my jack he's about 30cm at the moment and I've just got him on massivore pellets but want to start mixing it up a bit and not sure what the best thing to give him is?
  12. Yeah I was thinking a datnoid but so pricey and I'm in the process of putting a sump in the tank and already have 2 300w heaters was wanting to spend no more than $400-$500
  13. Yeah I'm just going to have a "one fish tank" but looking for something a bit more rare
  14. It's 800 high and water changes frequently I've just got a 1500 litre canister on it at the moment but eventually wanted to change to sump, I was thinking something a bit more exotic
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